Lucid’s New Electric Sedan To Feature Mobileye Autonomous System

Lucid Motors will be equipping its Lucid Air electric cars with autonomous vehicle technology provided by Mobileye.

The new EV will feature a sensor set for autonomous driving, which includes camera, radar, and Lidar sensors.

Lucid reportedly found Mobileye’s platform appealing with its full eight-camera surround view processing, sensor fusion software, and reinforcement learning algorithms. Lucid Air owners can access a full Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) suite that will be equipped in the first Lucid Air models sent to owners.

The idea behind the system is that it offers “a logical and safe transition to autonomous driving functionality through over-the-air software updates.”

Central to the Mobileye system is Road Experience Management (REM) crowd-based localization capability. As seen in Mobileye’s video (below), the autonomous technology company has worked to create it as an end-to-end mapping and localization engine. Drivers and passengers can view the system looking at immediate surroundings and an aerial view.  It’s been designed in three layers that can be applied to any manufacturer’s automated system: harvesting agents (that can work in any camera-equipped vehicle); a map aggregating server (cloud computing system); and “map-consuming” agents (geared for autonomous vehicles).

Mobileye is a well-known for its collision-detection systems. The Israel-based company had, as of Sept. 2016, 27 automakers as customers for its collision detection systems, which made up about 70 percent of the market. The company is working on EyeQ5, to act as a central computer performing sensor system for fully autonomous driving vehicles that are projected to hit the roads in 2020.

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Lucid had said that its first all-electric car would debut with automated driving systems, natural voice interactions, and intuitive user interfaces. Beyond connectivity to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, the company had not previously named an autonomous technology partner.

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It may offer some competitive tweak value for Lucid Air against Tesla Motors. Mobileye announced a split with Tesla from its previous alliance in July after news broke of the May fatality in Florida of a Tesla driver using the Autopilot system. Tesla had responded in a statement that Mobileye could not keep pace with Tesla’s product changes.

Lucid recently said that it set a target of early 2019 deliveries for the Air. Production is scheduled to begin in late 2018 from the new $700 million assembly plant in Casa Grande, Ariz., which will break ground in the first quarter of this year.

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