Low Carbon Leather For The All-New Range Rover

While its Range Rover flagship may still be powered by relatively thirsty gas engine, Land Rover is taking steps toward sustainability by greening its interior.

Bridge of Weir Leather Company, part of the Scottish Leather Group, has been selected to supply its low carbon leather product for the interior of the all-new Range Rover, recently revealed at the Royal Ballet School in London.

Selected for its unique low carbon manufacturing process, and environmental record, the high performance EcoSoft semi aniline leather supplied for the all-new Range Rover is locally sourced and exceeds all technical criteria for such a cutting-edge vehicle.


The Range Rover’s promotional materials states: “Having constructed such a cutting-edge car, the interior materials choice was crucial in order to increase its sustainability without compromising luxury.”

Range Rover also stated that leather is one of the original recycled materials – for millennia it has been a by-product of farming, but its manufacture has been highly resource intensive. However, supplier Bridge of Weir has created one of the most sustainable manufacturing processes in the world.

The factory has its own Thermal Energy Plant providing 70 percent of its needs, with a target of 100 percent by 2015. In addition, all waste products of the tanning process are recycled, with oils being converted into biodiesel and ash used to make house bricks. Even the offcuts are recycled into clothing accessories such as belts.


Evolved from a vehicle meant to tame the Serengeti, this one’s more than ready for a safari at your nearest urban jungle …

Through these measures, the carbon footprint of leather in the all new Range Rover has been reduced by 46 percent per square meter.

“We have worked very closely with the Land Rover design team over a number of years to achieve a product that is just right for this outstanding new vehicle” said Jamie Davidson, Bridge of Weir sales director. “It is a soft and sumptuous luxury leather, but low carbon, very technically advanced with superior performance and durability attributes as well. It is our flagship leather product for the world’s most refined and capable SUV.”

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