Lockheed Martin Collaborates On World's Largest Wave Power Generation Project

The proposal to radically increase automobile electrification has its detractors, including those who point to pitfalls that could come to a world attempting to shift energy demands away from petrochemicals to electricity.

In among the effort to make yet dreamed-for scenarios feasible, researchers are working on sustainable energy technologies with one collaboration now taking place between Lockheed Martin and Ocean Powers Technologies (OPT) to develop the largest wave power generation project yet.

Located off the southern coast of Australia in Portland, Victoria, the PowerBuoy Technology that’s been tested by the U.S. Navy is expected to send 19 megawatts to shore via underwater cables.

The principle is simple in concept. PowerBuoys moored in relatively shallow waters utilize a piston that generates electricity as natural ocean currents rise and fall.

The project anticipates 45 PowerBuoys and five Undersea Substation Pods. The 19 megawatts is expected to power 10,000 average homes and the system is scalable to potentially generate 100 megawatts – enough for more than 50,000 homes.

Lockheed Martin will work with OPT to design and produce the PowerBuoys for this project, and will also supply some of the components, assist in marketing, and ultimately will manage the program.

Partial funding for the project will come from a AUD$66.5 million (US$67.6 million) grant awarded to OPT from Australia’s Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism.


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  • MrEnergyCzar

    The Energy Returned on Energy Invested with this must be horrible compared to wind but you have to start somewhere… rust will be a huge issue with these systems…


  • Al Bunzel

    @MrEnergyCzar, maybe they can put a wind turbine on top to capture the wind energy as well (they will have to work out how to stop it from capsizing). With the rust issue, without knowing what materials it is made from, perhaps, they could look at making certain components from carbon fiber.

  • Uncle B

    A new dream lifestyle sson to cross America, Celan sustainable domenstic power sources will relieve the American worlker od the weight of the ‘Parasite” foreign oil naotins support. Cheapwer public transportation akin to the Chiense elelctric bullet trains will lift the burden of the costs of rubber wheeled gasoline hyway cruiser capable cars. homes designed for “0” energy input, “0” upkeep are available today! America ! On the threshold of a new environmentally freindly sustainable era!
    This is my favorite cut and paste!
    “Had the $650 billions+ spent on Iraq, been spent on conventional Solar/Thermal development of South Western U.S.A. – Today, Americans would receive a huge ROI ( “Return On Investment”) in cheap electricity, in place of horrendous tax rates to service unpayable war debt to China. Americans would be gainfully working, using this renewable, perpetual, eternal, clean, radiation free, radioactive waste free, domestic, electricity source – to compete in world markets with well priced products, to irrigate dry lands, to heat and cool homes, and much less foreign oil would have be imported, fewer “Parasite Nations” supported. This is the lost “opportunity cost” for having Saddam’s scrotum on the Bushes mantlepiece? Shiite eh!”
    P.S., (Oil, gas, wells do go dry, not really sourced from an eternal pipe up &Allah’s-ass, as some believe – But, the Sun never stops shining, Wind blows forever)