Light My Way Wins BMW & Local Motors’ Urban Driving Experience Challenge

BMW Group and Local Motors announced the winners of the second phase of their Urban Driving Experience Challenge.

This challenge asked the Local Motors community of more than 30,000 designers, engineers, fabricators and enthusiasts to delve into the development of premium vehicle features and functions focused on “Doing Good” in the world around us.

The three-week competition of the second phase began on November 15 and ended on December 6.

First place was awarded to Cosmin Mandita (aka mandita) from Romania for his winning concept, the BMW Light My Way. Cosmin Mandita will receive a $7,500 cash prize and a trip to Munich, Germany to meet with the Managing Director of BMW Group Research and Technology, Dr. Christoph Grote.

The idea behind Mandita’s BMW Light My Way concept is to use cars to light sidewalks on an as-needed basis to replace lamp posts and thus save energy.

Second and third place prizes of $2,500 and $1,500, respectively, were awarded to Xavier Gordillo (aka chavito) from Spain for his concept BMW Connected Park and to James Lin (aka jamesl), from New York, USA, for his concept The Lifeboat.

Details about the concepts can be found here.

According to BMW, the objective of this challenge was to transform the car into a value-adding, socially responsible machine that contributes to our global well-being. It focused on taking BMW and MINI automobiles beyond the driver experience, evolving them to benefit an area, a community, a city and the world at-large.

“With the creative process of the BMW Urban Driving Experience Challenge, we entered new territory in the way we think and create innovations,” says Grote. “The exciting proposals submitted by the participants will certainly stimulate our predevelopment work for future sustainable mobility solutions in an urban environment.”

At the conclusion of the challenge, a team of BMW executives reviewed the entries, and BMW Management selected the top ten concepts from all entries submitted.

Next, the Local Motors community voted on these ten entries based on how well they met the criteria identified in the Design Brief to determine the final ranking.

“I am so proud, and excited by the concepts submitted by the Local Motors community during this BMW Urban Driving Experience Challenge,” said Jay Rogers, co-founder and CEO of Local Motors. “Ideas for this challenge came from every corner of the globe; from designers, engineers and automotive enthusiasts representing more than 30 countries across five continents. Congratulations, and thank you to everyone who participated.”

The complete list of Finalists is as follows:

1st place: BMW Light My Way, by Cosmin Mandita

2nd place: BMW Connected Park, by Xavier Gordillo

3rd place: The Lifeboat, by James Lin

4th place: Energy Harvesting-2025, by Devon Palmer

5th place: BMW SRP, by Tram

6th place: BMW Intelligent Drive, by Prestige

7th place: Emergency Urban Reward Program (EURP), by Gopi Thambirajah

8th place: The Beamer, by Ajay Rao

9th place: BMW I-Care, by Boris Shwarzer

10th place: BMW Driver’s Social Network, by Francesco Angioloni

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