Lexus U.S. Expects To Sell 15,000 ES 300h Per Year

Toyota’s U.S. arm expects sales of the 2013 Lexus ES 300h to represent at least 25 percent of total sales of the ES sedan.

This according to Mark Templin, group vice president and general manager for Lexus in the U.S, who also declared total sales of the ES sedan, including the hybrid model, should average 60,000 units on a yearly basis. This 60,000 units has been the lifecycle volume for the ES sedan range over the last six years and Lexus expects the yearly average to stay stable.

“Our initial (hybrid-share) estimate is 25%. But based on current feedback, we think that may grow really rapidly, especially based on how we’ll price it,” Templin declared. Said 25 percent translates to 15,000 units.

The ES hybrid will have a 2.5-liter four-cylinder Atkinson cycle engine and is expected to earn EPA fuel economy ratings of approximately 40 mpg city, 39 mpg highway and 39 mpg combined. The ES 300h generates 200 total system horsepower.

Pricing for the ES range will be available closer to the August sale introduction date of the new model. More details about the ES 300h can be found here.

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  • Van

    I may get surprised, but I expect the price to fall somewhere between $37,000 and $42,000. Time will tell.

    The fact that it is built on the Avalon chassis and not the Camry allows for the huge increase in rear seat comfort.

    If GM actually brings out an upscale Volt badged as a Caddy, perhaps Toyota will add ten or so KWh of battery capacity and make the ES300h a PHV. Time, as I said, will tell.

  • jones22

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  • Anonymous

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