Lexus Slamming EVs In Advertising Again

Lexus, already chastened by having to apologize for a video embedded on its consumer site that was full of errors about the state of hydrogen infrastructure and “outdated” facts on battery electric vehicles, it appears the company is at it again.

Its latest jabs come courtesy of a web and print ad campaign that compares its take on life with a BEV versus the fun of owning one of its traditional hybrids. The ad uses some of the most stereotypical negatives associated with BEVs like charging time, range anxiety and lack of comfort.

“The ad was merely intended to paint a picture of life with a hybrid, which is basically no different from life with a traditional gas-powered vehicle, versus life with an EV, which can have challenges or at least uncertainties,” explained Lexus representative Brian Bolain in response to AutoblogGreen. “In other words, at its core, the ad’s messave was that a consumer could participate in driving a vehicle with advanced technology today, without sacrifice or change in habit.”

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Perhaps the bigger problem for Lexus is that its larger powerful hybrid sedans, like the GS 450h featured in the ad and LS 600h, where the performance-angle is pushed, are far less popular than its smaller-sized and less-powerful cousins. But even the CT — Lexus’ most popular hybrid — only leads the Tesla Model S by a couple thousand sales so far in 2014 and the Model S is easily twice the price.

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