2013 Lexus RX 450h

The Lexus RX 450h is a gas-electric hybrid version of the RX 350 crossover sport-utility vehicle. By any standard, it has been a smash success for Lexus since it first launched as a 2006 model. A significant number of Lexus SUV buyers have opted for the “hybrid upgrade,” making the Lexus RX 450h the most popular hybrid sport utility in 2012.

After leaving the original RX hybrid series dormant in 2009, Toyota came back in the 2010 model year with the 450h, which offered more power and significantly improved fuel economy. The current model may only be three years old, but with competitors rolling out updated or all-new premium crossovers, it’s already high time for the RX to be refreshed. Mechanically, this is the same vehicle as its previous model.

For 2013, Lexus has given the RX 450h and its gasoline sibling a mild face-lift, revisions to the backside and a modest interior makeover. The RX 450h is available in a front-wheel drive (FWD) model with a base price of $45,910, an increase of $675 over the 2012 model, and an all-wheel drive (AWD) version starting at $47,310, up $465.

Under The Hood

The gas-electric RX 450h features a 3.5-liter V6 Atkinson-cycle engine (a more fuel-efficient version of the conventional four-stroke Otto-cycle engine) that is rated at 245 horsepower and 234 pound-feet of torque. The front-drive model’s hybrid powertrain employs two motor-generators. One is an engine-driven generator that operates as an engine starter and can charge the battery pack or power other electric motors as needed. The second is a 167-horsepower motor that works with the gas engine to deliver power to the front wheels. Total output of this pairing is 295 horsepower. And no, the combined horsepower rating of 295 is not a typo. Peak output for the RX 450h’s gas engine and electric motor occur at different rpm ranges. Therefore, combined power ratings represent peak power delivery in real-world operating conditions and take into account the unique rpm when each peak occurs.

The engine and drive motor are connected to a continuously variable transmission, which is engineered to manage the various sources of power in a way that maximizes the RX 450h’s efficiency. Beyond the engine and the motor, there’s a 288-volt nickel metal hydride battery pack tucked neatly under the second-row seats. When the vehicle brakes, some of the energy is captured and sent to the battery pack.

2013 Lexus RX 450h

A third, rear-mounted motor-generator is added on the AWD model to drive the rear wheels. Though the luxury hybrid SUV is an all-wheel drive vehicle, it is not suited for off-road driving. The system does not have a mechanical driveshaft from the front to the rear, and doesn’t require power-transfer gearing. Instead, it simply demands more torque from the rear electric motor as road conditions demand.

Like all Lexus hybrids, the RX 450h can operate in electric-only or gas-engine-only modes as well as a combination of both. Under certain circumstances, a driver-selectable EV mode can allow the vehicle to be driven short distances (read: a mile or so) using only the electric motors. And, with the batteries sufficiently charged, the hybrid system can shut off the engine when the car is stopped, and then turn it on again when the brake pedal is released.

The result of this electronic wizardry when combined with the V6 is an EPA fuel mileage rating of 32/28 city/highway and 30 combined for the FWD model, while the AWD version has estimates of 30/28/29. As for emissions, the RX 400h achieves California’s Super Ultra Low Emission Vehicle (SULEV) certification.


The 2013 Lexus RX 450h’s signature styling feature is its sewing spindle-shaped trapezoidal grille that’s already made its debut on the GS sport sedans. The upper grille and slanted lower grille have been combined and integrated into a single element that projects an aggressive frontal design. A new headlamp shape incorporates LED daytime running lights that reflect the Lexus “L” design motif, as do the redesigned combination rear lamps, an as do also the combination rear lamps.

2013 Lexus RX 450h

The fastback profile hasn’t changed and the RX 450h continues with pronounced front fenders that flow into the doors, along with integrated rear fender flares that neatly sweep around to pull together the taut rear corners of the vehicle.


Changes to the interior are subtle, including a redesigned steering wheel that Lexus says has a more comfortable and relaxing grip. The glove box receives new metallic accents and designers squeezed more storage room in the center console. The cabin also gets new Ebony Bird’s-Eye Maple wood trim and available Saddle Leather interior. In addition to ECO mode, for 2013, Lexus added a Sport mode that modifies the steering effort, throttle mapping and transmission shift priorities to provide a quicker response to driver inputs.

2013 Lexus RX 450h

Inside, the RX 450h is everything you’d expect from a luxury SUV, but some features you might expect to come standard will cost a little extra. The 450h comes standard with a power tilt/telescoping steering column, a nine-speaker sound system, an interactive information screen, dual-zone climate control and a power liftgate among others. But if you really want the full luxury car experience you’ll have to pay more. Leather seating is now extra; a 15-speaker sound system is available, as are video monitors for blind spots, and most importantly, Lexus’ Remote Touch control system, which is packaged with the optional navigation system.

Lexus believes Remote Touch is the technology that will replace touch-screen consoles, which require too much attention and reach from the driver. With Remote Touch, the driver can navigate the vehicle’s onboard computer using a small touch-activated joystick located at the base of the center console. Though there is a bit of a learning curve, once you get the hang of it remote touch is a revelation.

Like the luxury brand’s other hybrids, the RX 450h’s display screen can display the power flow between the drivetrain’s electric motors, engine and battery. In place of the RX 350’s tachometer is a gauge showing electric motor assist versus battery recharging.

2013 Lexus RX 450h

Standard 10-way power front seats are shaped and cushioned for long-haul comfort, and abundant seat and steering wheel adjustments make it easy to tailor a comfortable driving position. Rear seats mimic the fronts’ comfort plus, they slide fore and aft, as well as recline.

Behind the rear seats, the RX 400h has an average amount of space for a five-passenger midsize SUV. It provides 40 cubic feet with the seats up and 80.3 cubic feet with the rear seats folded down.

On The Road

The hybrid powertrain is seamless in operation and the engine stop/start function is imperceptible. Overall, the RX 450h delivers a very quiet and a comfortable, car-like ride. Power delivery is immediate, but smooth, and merging, passing or moving through fast traffic is effortless.

When it comes to handling, the RX is no corner carver. It is a tall, heavy vehicle, with the suspension dialed toward comfort resulting in noticeable body roll, even on gentle curves. In other words, exciting performance is absent.

Lexus RX 450h (2012 model shown)

But the “fun factor” isn’t the whole story when it comes to the RX 450h. Sure it’s what gets people who test drive cars for a living out of bed every morning, but most drivers are looking for something smooth, safe and fuel efficient – qualities the RX 450h has in spades.

And about that fuel efficiency; our 127-mile test drive of an AWD model a couple years back yielded 31.6 mpg, easily beating EPA numbers.


The RX 450h is quite expensive. The starting price of $45,910 means that the added fuel economy comes at a cost of $6,600 over its non-hybrid sibling, the RX 350. For city driving, this efficiency boost is 14 mpg, on the highway the difference is a much more modest 3 mpg. Even with fuel prices where they are, it may not be possible for this hybrid to recoup its higher cost from its overall efficiency.

For about $1,500 less than the base FWD RX hybrid, a Toyota Highlander Hybrid Limited comes with a host of luxury standard features, including leather seating, which is optional on the 450h. Plus, it seats seven, all-wheel drive is standard and its 28/28/28 fuel mileage rating isn’t that far off the Lexus.

If you’re set on a luxury crossover but sporty performance is more important than fuel economy, check out BMW’s X5. It’s one of the sportiest in the luxury SUV segment, and each of its turbocharged engines packs plenty of punch. Starting at $47,500 the X5 is expensive compared with the rest of the class, but not much more expensive than the Lexus RX 450h.

2013 Lexus RX 450h

Want luxury, good handling and above average fuel economy? The diesel-powered Volkswagen Touareg shouldn’t be overlooked. The interior is spacious, comfortable and the quality of the materials and fit and finish are top drawer. The VW’s twin-turbocharged diesel engine spools out 225 horsepower and a massive 406 pound-feet of torque while delivering an EPA fuel economy rating of 19/28/22. Priced starting at $46,875, it’s more fun to drive than the Lexus but not more than the BMW.

Bottom line: There are more powerful, entertaining and attractive means to transport five people and their weekend gear, but that’s not what the RX hybrid is about. It’s about the destination, not the drive. And, finances aside, this crossover appears to have more value as a green, eco-conscious alternative for people with money, who want to do their small part to mitigate climate change or reduce oil dependence.

Prices are manufacturer suggested retail price (MSRP) at time of publication and do not include destination charges, taxes or licensing.


  • Lots of horsepower
  • Refinement and comfort
  • Best-selling hybrid SUV
  • Trading off fuel efficiency for luxury features
  • Pricey for relatively little gain in mpg
  • No off-road capabilities; feels like lightweight

Price quote for Lexus RX 450h

2013 Lexus RX 450h
Base MSRP: $45,900
Is this the vehicle for you? Want to find out what kind of deals are available? Fill out some basic details and we.ll have a dealer in your area send you a price quote to get the ball rolling.
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  • pa223

    These marketing folks are still clueless.

    What year is this, for how long have we known that gas prices will still trend upwards in near and long term?

    When will they aim for simply fantastic mileage, combined with excellent safety, handling, all round visibility out of the car (most new cars, especially SUV have horrible rear vision), and practicalness. Function and form, not form over function.

    How about a stylish station wagon that could offer vastly better aerodynamics. I’d be ok with a slight 4wd assist on rear wheels (just for getting going out of tricky snowy conditions) as an option for those who need it, if you’re going to put some motors there anyways for additional re-generative braking.

    Oh and by the way, the first step in this long process to safe, efficient cars must be to ban new heavy cars. Big is ok, as long as they are lightweight – yes carbon or aluminum for those lightweight big cars will cost more initially… but will get cheaper, and more importantly down the road, will allow for lighter cars than today.

    Imagine the stupidity of walking everywhere with a 200lb backpack, way too tiring and takes too much energy. Here we are dragging around 6000lb of metal and plastics wherever we go to move a 150lb person. Talk about a precious liquid resource going up in smoke.

    Oh and one more, don’t forget the real goal, it is not the 100% efficient car, that only solves one of the 3 main car issues:
    1) energy/resource intensive = costs money to your wallet and planet
    2) waste of time – driving time is basically time you could otherwise be with family, sleeping, reading, playing, sporting, relaxing, learning, etc.
    3) unhealthy – hours sitting in a car x 40 years is dangerous for your health – 10-30 minutes walking or biking is healthy.
    Even if you gave me a car that got 300mpg, I’d rather be close to where I work, play and shop so I don’t even need it.

    So the real goal should be to give us time/energy to transition to a city/lifestyle design where cars are exceptionally necessary (optional – thus true freedom) instead of mandatory. I’m not talking about sacrificing a good lifestyle for a meager one, but rather creating an even better lifestyle.

    In the meantime give me a 65mpg station wagon plug-in Prius with lite 4wd for those few times I need to drive around safely in wintertime – biking on snow/ice is only fun a couple times a year.

  • Bryce

    lol…..$42k….and people complain about a Volt with a $7.5k tax credit that gets hundreds of miles per gallon……rofl. owel, let folks buy these silly vehicles, I will be tooling around town without a drop of gas and peace of mind……..and more money in my pocket too. : )

  • Editor

    A few weeks ago, we did a road test of the Saturn Vue Two-Mode and featured it on the homepage. It’s available here:


    In our coverage of the LA Auto Show, running now, we covered diesels from VW and BMW, the Ford Fusion Hybrid, the Hyundai Sonata Hybrid, electric cars from Nissan and Mini, and other vehicles. We did mention the Camry Hybrid CNG, but all and all, I would say a fair representation of all carmakers. This is our sixth news item coming out of LA, and our first to focus on Toyota. And in this piece, we question the company’s emphasis on power over mpg.

    Nonetheless, it’s good feedback and we will redouble our efforts to give equal time to all carmakers who produce viable high-mpg and advanced technology autos.

  • sean t

    Did you read what Editor wrote?
    You’re the ones who are biased. Can you please open your mind a bit?

    Thanks Editor for making clear. About your question, everyone knows that Lexus is a luxry and (sort of) performance brand, so its emphasis on power is understandable…

  • Samie

    Thanks Editor……..
    But I don’t see why people scream biased????
    Hybridcars.com in my opinion does a fair job of reporting even w/ I’m sure pressures from the sponsors of this site

    so chill out take a Xan or something please.

    Loyalty to brand names are fading, most Americans test drive multiple cars from different companies to see what vehicle actually meets their needs.

    Bryce If you know something we don’t the Volt will be produced in small quantities the first year or two and who knows when it would actually become a standard vehicle on a car lot instead of being a showroom car for only major market dealers. It will come out but I’m not sure if your a poor sap like me most of us would have to wait a few more years to even get to test drive for that vehicle. 4-6 years seems a long time in this fast changing market….

  • Giant

    Cleaning the house today in prep for Thanksgiving, I came across some work I did for a Natural Step class I was in last year. My paper was focused on alternatives to transportation. In that paper I had a picture of the original Volt. Back then the Volt was a 2-3 year old concept. It’s now a year later. And we’re all waiting for 2010 to see this thing get rolled out (albeit in limited quantities).

    I think it is time for all manufacturers to start rolling out some improvements. If the new Prius is capable of only 7-10 miles of electric only, then that is a great start. US makers should convert all their lines to BAS. Do some of the simple stuff – NOW!

  • Bryce

    That is correct. production will follow a ramp-up starting with around 10k the first year and probably moving onto 50k the year after with following years determined by demand. Other EREV platforms are in the pipline though with Chevy getting a small utility EREV and Cadillac probably getting small electric caddy. Those could be expected within a year after the Volt launch considering the research on them is essentially happening right now. (they, like the Volt and the Cruze, will use the same Delta II platform, so as the Cruze/Volt mules with electric drivetrains tool around the prooving grounds information is being gathered that will be valuable to all the future vehicles on this platform.)

    Though, if we looked at production as Toyota does, the Volt would be being “produced” in 2009. Per Toyota, their plug-in that can only go around 10 miles will be “released” in 2010…..but only a few for fleet testing (not even sales) and absolutely none for retail. (That means you and me will not see a plug-in prius, factory produced until likely in 2012+) The Volt will go through the same production testing, but in late 2009, with factory production actually going to fleet SALES, to government business, stuff like that.

    Just wanted to clarify, I hear some incorrect stuff thrown around here sometimes.

    O, and my thanks to the editor and the producers of hybridcars.com. I find the site to be nicely balanced and aware of the trends in the hybrid car market. I appreciate the site the information it makes available to all of us. I say let consumers make their decisions, no patriotism……imagine all those poor yugoslavians driving Yugos. (former Yugoslavia) : ( I have made my decision on the market, as some of you may have guessed, go and make yours. : )

  • sean t

    Plug-in hybrids may be useful in the transition from ICE to full electric cars, while there are not enough charging stations. Also the charging time, should be short enough…

  • Shines

    Just got back from visiting relative for turkey day – no internet at my parents’ place (they’re in their 80s).
    Anyway, I have to say I agree with Samie. Hybrid Cars report on hybrid cars and does a fair and fairly impartial job.
    I admit – I like Toyotas – as I’ve said elsewhere my used 2001 Camry is the best car I’ve ever owned. I’m not from Japan and I don’t own any Toyota stock.
    As far as this article and the Lexus 450H. Well, If someone gave me one I’d probably sell it or trade it for some other vehicle. Besides the fact that Lexus is adding power instead of more efficiency is that fact that the thing is still ugly (imho). It’s too bad Acura doesn’t make a hybrid, at least their SUVs look decent.
    I’d say Tahoes and Yukons look good, but even though they have hybrids, they are just too big for my tastes.
    Bill Cosworth, you don’t really help your cause any by making obviously inaccurate statements.
    I’ll agree with you on one thing – Toyota (not Japan) is “at war” with American car companies. That is what competition is. And yes at the moment it seems that Toyota and Honda are winning the war – at least Toyota has been winning the hybrid battle. Toyota and Honda have been winning the reliability battle.
    Ford has been doing the best of the big 3 in this battle as far as I’m concerned.
    I know Bryce doesn’t like Toyota, but he at least does an honest job rooting for the Volt and providing accurate information on the progress Chevy is making on that front.
    Bill, you can continue to spout your buy American propaganda, but most of us realize the want for a healthy world economy.

  • Bryce

    yea, its true….lol, I think Toyotas are old people cars. I think Honda and Nissan do a good job though. (Mazda too…..but I think they are really more an appendage of Ford now) I will always lean a little towards Chevy though personally. First cars were Chevys and they never failed me. I can’t wait for the Volt either, the chance to drive around without a drop of fuel makes me sallivate. (can’t wait till I don’t have to send money to terrorists…..or hell, even the Canadians…..rofl) (few people know we actually get most of our oil from them)

    Any company that can come up with great fuel efficient cars, whether they be Japanese, American, or hell, even Indian….more power to them.

    Go Volt!

  • Johne

    The volt is basically a coal burning car. It simply shifts pollution to the site of the power plant. It is grossly inefficient — less efficient than a Hummer. The loss in energy from the generation of the electricity, the transmission to the point of charging the car and then coupled with the inefficiencies in the car itself — the car is not green, or even brown — it is environmentally black. Not to mention that there is as yet no safe way to recycle the batteries.

  • Anonymous

    yes, but the Lexus is a crossover SUV, unlike the volt, which is american… nuff said

    Don’t judge the lexus it till you’ve driven it. I took mine on a 600 mile trip today, not only did the RXh ride beautifully, but its luscious, heated and air conditioned, seats provided upmost comfort. The car also achieved upwards of 27mpg on the highway with a 65mph average. The volt is an overpriced POS. Yeah, it’s cool, but not for 30-42 g’s I’ll stick to driving around my 2010 prius at that point.

  • quinn5


    I find your comment about banning large cars to be disturbing from freedom point of view. As long as car company’s can meet safety and emissions requirements, let the market decide what size, shape and weight a car should be.

    Using aluminum and carbon fiber is, as you say, ‘will cost more initially”. Well, it’s a LOT more expensive to make a care out of those materials and will always be compared to using steel regardless of how much will be used in the future. Again, let the market decide here – our society and our economy do not need more government mandates getting in the way of our lives and, by way of unintended consequences, messing things up.

    As with all aspects of life, people have the right to choose to purchase and operate vehicles you do not feel are practical, and it is not fair for you to judge how we should live our lives.

  • AbleSmith

    This car is with fully hybrid technology which combines petrol and electric engine to give great performance with low emission and hence low pollution. This car will give you 10% more power than other cars and greater fuel economy.
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  • Ronald Barry

    I purchased a Lexus RX 450h in late February. I formerly drove a 2005 Chrysler 300C AWD. Yes the gas guzzling AWD. I drove the 300C for over 6 years. The estimated gas mileage never was what Chrysler said it should be. I did get fair mileage on the highway, if I didn’t push it. Once I even got 23 MPG. But typically in my normal city driving I got horrible mileage. In the summer with the A/C on I was lucky to get 12 MPG. It was awful to put 18 gallons of fuel in the car, and only get 190 miles out of it. Yes the engine was peppy, but in a city who needs the V-8. In the RX 450h I get great gas milage. The worst I have gotten is 22 MPG with my first tank full. I don’t think the tank was full. Since then I have achieved 32.8 on the highway, around 27 in the city.
    The Lexus Hybrid is great. I love the RX 450h. The interior smells like a shoe store. The engine warms up fast in the winter and then shuts down but still puts out heat. That was my fear with a Volt. I only drive 4 miles to work. I worried a Volt would never warm up or have heat. I hear after the first Volt winter, I was right. It’s the story of the early VW Beetle and the Chevy Corvair all over again. The logic of the engine control system on the RX 450h is just about perfect. It’s so satisfying to hear the engine shut down when you stop in traffic. And even when you punch the throttle from a complete “Engine Dead” stop the car bursts to life in a half second. Yes, a big V-8, already running jumps faster, but I’ll take the ½ second delay to save gallons and gallons of gas. And let me point out, the electric motors start turning the wheels immediately upon stepping on the gas pedal, it just take the engine a moment to join in if it has shut down. I especially like the “Creep” logic of the electric motors. When you step on the brake the electricity is shut off to the traction motors. You have no energy use at all. Except maybe the dash illumination. Let off the brake and a small amount of juice is fed to the motors. The car gently “Creeps” forward as if you had a gasoline engine running and you just put it in drive. But the great thing is, it always creeps forward. No matter how steep the hill. Or it creeps backwards if you have it in reverse. The designers established just how much creep to give it so it acts like a car with an automatic transmission. But the creeps stops when you step on the brake. Creeping ahead in heavy stop and go traffic is so comfortable. And since the transmission is CVT there is no annoying shifting that gets you going too fast so you have to step on the brake. The regenerative action of the motors when not adding thrust slows you down just the way you want it to.
    I was even amazed recently, as a hot spring day made me turn on the A/C, that it works better than a car with an engine driven compressor. The A/C works even with the engine stopped. The gasoline engine only occasionally starts up to help the battery even with the A/C running. When you drive, you never feel a drag from an A/C compressor clutch engaging. The hybrid modes are almost seamless. Coming to a stop on a rainy day after my car had sat all night, I realized half way to work the first time the hydraulic brakes had to engage . I felt the distinctive roughness as the thin coating of rust was wiped off the first time the pads hit the rotors. I realized I had been braking all morning with regenerative braking only. So will I ever have to replace the brake pads? Probably not. An added bonus. Already I realize an engine that runs only 60% of the time is going to last 40% longer. All my engine idle time in traffic is gone. The car is even cooler too. No heat billowing out from underneath when the radiator fan turns on.
    I just love this car. My only complaint is the stupid placement of the seat heater controls under the armrest lid. And maybe the lack of low frequency sound from the stereo. I do NOT have the Mark Levinson sound system and I miss my Boston Acoustics subwolfer in my Chrysler. My next RX 450h will have the Mark Levinson. I’ll be buying it when the “Plug in” RX version is produced with a slightly bigger battery and a 40MPH top on the battery only “EV” mode.

  • Anonymous

    woah dats a lot of money im broke lolz

  • I wish more people thought like this…

    I agree that people should already be close to where they are going. And that sitting in a car is not an optimal use of one’s time. And that it is pointless to carry around so much “extra” mass–except possibly to protect against the massive objects that Other people are carrying around.

    One point that you didn’t mention was the importance of aerodynamics–I mean the fundamental importance of aerodynamics. Once people realize that vehicles are essentially air pumps, we will all ride in trains, concatenated Google cars (driverless vehicles that snug up to each other–claiming this here as an original idea), or the healthy and more social alternative, pelotons.

  • Anonymous

    this car is so pretty

  • emin

    The drive-train choices are unaltered, which means that all consumers still be provided with a choice between a 2-motor, and a 3-motor option.

  • RW

    I have a client with a RX450H and I think for a lot of it’s buyers, it’s the image of being green. Her average MPG is nothing to write home about we you think of the added upfront cost of the car. That being said I drive the RX450H regularly… THIS IS NOT A DRIVERS CAR. It’s about as sporty as driving a bloated barcalounger. She has had starter battery problems time and time again and you can’t just jump start it. Now I’m all for the gas savings but at the cost of killing the driving experience is not for me. I would look at diesel with VW, Mercedes or BMW if you want to feel like you’re driving more than a marshmallow. But Diesel cost more, right. Well your putting premium in the Lexus and the cost of diesel is less than that in today’s market in my area. Yes I just checked and it’s about 18 cents less per/gal.
    O and what’s with that sweeping line across the dash. Lexus pick a design style, edgy lines for fluid sweeps, but pick one.

  • Ryan Cardozo

    Lolzzzz… Very well said Mr.Bryce and not only that it would be a scene to watch when people realise there folly.mission sofas

  • Ellen

    Love my 2010 450h. Except for one thing. The storage in the center console sucks. It is awkward and rediculously planned. I hope it been corrected in the newer version or I probably will look elsewhere for next vehicle, it is that disturbing. No problems with started battery ever and the only two times I forgot to shut quiet car off and the battery ran down I had no trouble with jumpstart . Winter mileage is 23-25 summer 25-28. Could be better i guess but so far havent found anything which has the features we like ith better mileage. My husband complains it is not sporty enough but I find it plenty powerful for passing cars etc. And the accelerator is predictably responsive so car never lurches forward. Have taught one kid to drive safely on this car with one in the wings .

  • Zaoysa

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  • kuldeep singh

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  • Joe

    The hybrid is a good idea. All cars use finite resources. The electrics are, essentially, using coal to power transportation. Coal is the dirtiest and deadliest fuel of all. So, if you’re really concerned about the environment, the fact that the RX Hybrid has virtually no emissions is what’s important. I agree that the mileage should be better, but it makes me feel good to know that I”m not giving my grandchildren brain cancer when I drive my car. As far as paying a premium, I suggest to all of you that we should all be willing to pay a premium to protect what few clean resources we still have.

  • derek marlowe

    Joe said,
    ” As far as paying a premium, I suggest to all of you that we should all be willing to pay a premium to protect what few clean resources we still have.”

    What ‘arm-chair environmentalists’ cant seem to comprehend is that resources are just shifted around in their effort to ‘feel good’. And ‘to pay a premium’ is just another resource being used that could be used for something else that is worthwhile and noble.

  • keshu

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  • yamila katrin

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