Lexus Revealing LS 500h Hybrid Sedan at Geneva Motor Show

Lexus says it will be unveiling the 2018 Lexus LS 500h hybrid sedan next month at the Geneva Motor Show.

It will follow the next-generation Lexus LS 500 that was shown in January at the Detroit Auto Show. The Geneva Motor Show will be held March 9-19, 2017.

The Detroit Bureau reported that Lexus is keeping quiet about the Lexus LS 500h, but details have been leaking out. Performance will be just as important as fuel efficiency.

The new LS 500h is expected to adopt an all-new drivetrain, as did the conventional gas-powered model. But it probably won’t be an twin-turbo 6-cylinder engine, which is standard in the LS 500.

There are expectations that the LS 500h will get a V6 engine, and share a drivetrain with the new LC 500h coupe. Its twin electric motors are expected to be able to drive the LS 500h sedan 0 to 60 mpg in less than five seconds.

Performance would be enhanced by two different transmissions, which are four-speed automatic, and have a continuously variable transmission (CVT). The Multi Stage Hybrid System primarily relies on the CVT and the automatic transmission can help improve performance.

The LS 500h is expected to have impressive all-electric range, with speeds of up to 87 mph before the gasoline engine kicks in.

The Lexus LS 500h joins five other Lexus hybrids in the U.S. market – the CT, ES, GS, NX, and RX.

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The new LS 500h is expected to serve as a high-line version of the LS line, with several optional features available; and some unique details, such as the car’s instrumentation.

Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda has challenged the Lexus subsidiary to put more “passion” into both its design and driving dynamics of its luxury vehicles. Lexus designers were instructed to liven up the design and look of the LS for its launch last month.

The 2018 Lexus LS has a more coupe-like design and a “spindle grille,” abandoning the traditional boxy look of past Lexus models. Inside the sedan, a 24-inch head-up display will help drivers avoid distraction while easily accessing an expanded list of connected car features.

The Detroit Bureau

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