2012 Lexus LS 600h L

When the Lexus LS 600h L (L for long wheelbase) arrived in 2007 as a 2008 model, it was the first car to combine a V8 gasoline engine with an electric motor for improved gas mileage and vigorous acceleration. The long wheelbase breached a stronghold held by its European competitors and the base price lifted the hybrid flagship model into the rarified atmosphere of prestige motorcars costing more than a $100,000.

Lexus aimed to sell 1,200 to 2,000 units a year in the U.S., but that has not happened. The best sales year was 2008, with 980 cars sold and the numbers have diminished every year with 2011 tallying only 84 units. Just 19 buyers stepped up in the first quarter of 2012.

Those disappointing numbers can mostly be attributed to the entry of other high-end luxury hybrids. Offerings from BMW, Infiniti, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche are not only thousands less, they also offer more engaging driving performance, and with some models, better fuel economy.

The LS 600h L received minor exterior styling updates for the model year 2010 and there are no significant changes for the 2012 model year. Base price is $112,750, and the EPA estimated fuel economy is 19/23 city/highway and 20 mpg combined.

Lexus Hybrid Drive

When the LS 600h L was introduced, Lexus began referring to the hybrid system in its luxury models as Lexus Hybrid Drive, replacing Hybrid Synergy Drive, which continues to describe the Toyota version.

As with the Lexus RX and GS hybrid models, the 600h’s “600” suffix refers not to the cubic capacity of the engine but to a relative power output. In this case, comparable to that of a 6.0-liter V12 normally aspirated engine. Clearly, Lexus is targeting the Mercedes-Benz S600, Audi’s A8 L W12 and BMW’s 760Li extended wheelbase sedans, all 6.0 liters and graced with elite 12 cylinder engines. However, the LS Hybrid comes up short in the power department, with total system output of 438 horsepower. Rivals Audi and Mercedes each produce 500 horsepower while the BMW 760Li resides in an entirely different motoring world, with a turbocharger churning out 544 horsepower from its V12.

2012 Lexus LS 600h L

The hybrid powertrain starts with a 5.0-liter specially tuned V8 that produces 389 horsepower. There are two motor generators, each performing specific functions and can operate as either a motor or a generator, although one is used as a starter motor and provides no motive force. The second motor, when combined with the V8 put out 438 horsepower. The system is a “full hybrid,” meaning the car can be powered by the gas engine only, the electric motor only, or both at the same time.

Unlike its gasoline-only cousins, the LS 460 and LS 460 L, both of which are rear wheel-driven with optional all-wheel drive, the hybrid limousine is an all-wheel drive configuration only. During normal driving conditions, power is split 40 percent front/60 percent rear via a Torsen limited-slip differential. If the road becomes dicey, it is capable of a near 50/50 split.

A dual-stage continuously variable transmission (CVT) with a sequential shift mode allows manual selection of eight different stages of acceleration response. It also features the selectable modes of the company’s conventional models: “power” and “snow” in addition to a “hybrid” mode.

Unrivaled Elegance and Comfort

The three previous generation LS sedans were often chided for a lack of expressive styling. Those remarks can be discarded – the long wheelbase 600h is a classic work of elegance and sophistication. It may be big, but it is sleek with complex, yet smooth flowing lines. The design was penned at Toyota’s Global Design center in Tokyo and received styling cues of Lexus’ latest design direction, called L-finesse. A key detail in the car’s appearance is its projector-type LED headlamps, which designers wanted to possess crystal-like properties. Actual crystal lenses were crafted in researching what was to become the final result.

2012 Lexus LS 600h L

There’s little to distinguish the hybrid from its gasoline-powered counterparts. The grille is slightly – but only slightly – bolder and special touches include discrete badges along with blue accents on head- and taillamps.

As its flagship, Lexus left no need unfulfilled or wish ungranted to driver and. There seems to be acres of supple leather accented by rich wood, which is sequenced matched, by the way. Press the starter button and strikingly sharp electroluminescent instrumentation jumps to life and complements a smart arrangement of clearly marked, easily reached controls that feel good to the touch and move with precision. Exclusive to the hybrid is a power-flow diagram on the dashboard’s central LCD screen.

Seats can be heated or cooled, moved up or down and back and forth, adjusted for lumbar support and reclined. Genuine leather on the steering wheel is buffed for three hours to create a supple touch.

For the preeminence in comfort and coddling, the 600h offers a rear seating option best described as the “Ultimate Barcalounger.” With a remote control, one can stretch back, raise an ottoman to desired height and then enjoy a massage that can ease the day’s tension of any chairman of the board.

2012 Lexus LS 600h L


The LS 600h L is one of the most technologically dense automobiles you can buy. There’s a power rear ceiling-mounted 3.0 VGA 9-inch entertainment screen. Occupants’ body heat is measured with infrared sensors to adjust the cabin temperature while ceiling climate diffusers gently distribute air movement.

The amply sized LS 600h L – provided it has the right options – parks itself. Pull up to a space, select reverse and the car steers automatically into the gap, using sensors and a rear view camera. All the driver needs to do is modulate the brakes.

2012 Lexus LS 600h L

And if all that isn’t enough for your luxury needs, this hybrid pleasure cruiser also includes a stunning 19-speaker Mark Levinson audio system with Bluetooth streaming audio, iPod and MP3 connectivity voice-activated hard disk drive (HDD), satellite navigation, Lexus Enform and XM real-time traffic system.


Lexus’ VDIM stability system is an engineering masterpiece. It integrates and manages stability control, electronic controlled anti-lock brakes, electronic brake force distribution and engine torque via an electronically controlled throttle. The system anticipates the onset of a vehicle skid or slide while cornering and helps correct the situation in a way that is transparent to the driver.

A pre-collision system provides even better performance. Using a millimeter-wave radar and two cameras, this system can detect not just large metallic objects like cars, but for the first time, human pedestrians.

Another techno marvel is the Driver Monitor System. It uses a camera mounted on the steering column to monitor the orientation of the driver’s head. If it determines the driver is looking away from the road ahead at the same time as a collision threat is detected, the system will sound a warning chime and gently apply the brakes. To assist the driver in maneuvering around the obstacle, the system reprograms the steering ratio, increasing the intensity and quickness of the steering response.

2012 Lexus LS 600h L

While all of this is going on, passenger restraints are automatically cinched up, and the brake system is prepared for full force response.

Torque Arrives in a Rush

Lurking under the finely chiseled hood, the jewel-smooth V8 and hybrid wizardry is totally concealed by an engine bay cover. Press hard on the accelerator pedal, however, and the presence of the combo electric motor-gasoline engine is immediately known. Torque arrives in a rush, but the application to all four wheels seems almost graceful.

Drive a little too hard into a corner and there is a nicely controlled understeer. If you are an accomplished driver, the traction management system has an off position, allowing the tail to sneak out.

No traces of mechanical nastiness can be detected through either the steering wheel or the pedals. Shifts move from gear to gear so unobtrusively that the tach needle sometimes provides the only clue anything happened.

The car is superbly bolted together and is as quiet as a pharaoh’s tomb, whether driving 35 mph on city streets, 70 mph on interstates or 130 mph on a proving ground test track, as I did. Only the harshest of railroad crossings can disturb the Zen-like calmness.

But really, most owners will drive – or have someone drive – the 600h in a sensible manner and will be rewarded with what is one of the most serene motoring rides on the planet.

2012 Lexus LS 600h L

As for electric-only driving, a delicate foot on the pedal can move the big car for a short distance – around a mile or so – at speeds of close to 35 mph. It’s great for silent driving in the parking garage on the way to the top floor corner office.


The Lexus LS 600h L is an amazing showcase of Lexus’s creativity and technological sophistication, but it’s quite pricey. The base price of $112,750 makes it the most expensive hybrid in the world. In exchange for the price of one LS 600h L, you could buy four Prius Liftbacks, keep one for yourself, give three away as cute gifts and have nearly 10 Gs left over. Checking all of the option boxes adds $23,995, just five bucks short of another Prius Liftback.

There are other choices to consider for affluent eco-conscious buyers. BMW’s ActiveHybrid 7L is priced starting at $101,000 and equals the LS hybrid’s EPA combined fuel economy of 20 mpg. Another option is the Mercedes-Benz S400 Hybrid. While it doesn’t offer a stretched wheelbase, the V-6 hybrid powertrain has an EPA combined fuel economy rating of 21 mpg.

If all of the LS 600h L’s luxury, sophistication and high tech features are appealing, but the price isn’t, the gas powered LS 460 L with all-wheel drive is priced starting at $75,480. That’s $37,270 less than the hybrid version and the combined fuel economy of 18 mpg is just 2 mpg less.

The 2012 Lexus LS 600h plays in the ultra-luxury segment, the last rung on an automotive ladder that’s about more than mere transportation. It’s about image and comfort, the latest safety and convenience features, and performance that, at minimum, is unstressed. With its hybrid powertrain it offers a precious few more miles-per-gallon and also meets the Super Ultra Low Emission Vehicle II (SULEV II) certification, a distinction envied by competitors.

And then there’s the Lexus dealership experience, which is renowned for giving customers the kind of coddling they probably receive in all the other areas of life.

Prices are manufacturer suggested retail price (MSRP) at time of publication and do not include destination charges, taxes or licensing.


Price quote for Lexus LS600hL

2012 Lexus LS 600h L
Base MSRP: $112,000
Is this the vehicle for you? Want to find out what kind of deals are available? Fill out some basic details and we.ll have a dealer in your area send you a price quote to get the ball rolling.
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  • richard

    it’s sad the the self proclaimed true greenies have to spend so much time condemming there not preferred version.
    Educated people who can do math know that much more gas will be save on V8 hybrids than on the whimp mobile jetsons care than you want everyone to drive.

  • Jesse Weinstein

    (Yes, I know, don’t respond to the trolls, but still…)

    Leaving aside the fact that far fewer of the Lexus cars will be sold, so the total gas consumed by them will be vastly less than the total gas consumed by better-selling cars, what “math” are you referring to that would show a car getting about 20 miles per gallon using less gas than a car getting about 45 miles per gallon? I’d like to use “math” like that to change a $10 bill into a $20 — and it’s about as likely.

  • Richard

    Troll, I invest a lot of money in green companies sonny. If every car had a hybrid option would that be a bad thing? NO
    Not everyone, ie most don’t want to drive a prius or civic. Do you propose taking away that choice. I say a hybrid hummer is better than a gasser hummer. They are going to sell hummer’s either way

  • Jeff


    Yes, installing a hybrid or another more efficient drive into gas guzzling autos will indeed conserve millions of gallons of gas each year but doubling crappy gas mileage still produces crappy results. This is a good quick step by Lexus but the next very quick step (next model year)should be to employ an all electric drive similar to the Tesla Roadster (same price range). Then the rich among us can still flip the bird to the masses without having to pretend that they are being green. They will be green, at least with regard to auto fuel consumption. They would also be helping to subsidies research into green technology rather than benefiting from all the research that has gone into cars like the Prius. Thanks for investing Green.

  • Richard

    Jeff please check the carbon footprint of electricity it is not green it’s black just not as black. Another business tip for you, demand for electric is soo negligable not one real company sells them

  • Jerry

    Educated people who can do math know that much more gas will be save on V8 hybrids than on the whimp mobile jetsons care than you want everyone to drive.

    There isn’t a calculator in the world that can justify that statment.

    That being said, The Camry and Altima are some of the best selling cars in the US and are not wimp mobiles. We just need more of the Hybrids. Unfortunately the Congress legislates that “tough” cars get tax breaks High quality Toyota cars no longer get the favorable tax breaks. Let the Lexus folks have their fun and subsidize the research cost. Remember high end cars always start out with new technolgy. It will speed up the transition to “normal” cars.

    Think Air bags, Antilock breaks the list goes on

  • krew

    While I understand your central point, I believe it to be shortsighted. Did you not consider the effect of the LS 600h on the luxury car industry as a whole?

    Also, I’m not sure I follow the logic of your list, as most of the points seem to be in favor rather than against.

    I’ve wrote more about this on my own site, and would be interested in your response:


  • Mike

    As I stated in a previous thread/blog/etc, I hope this thing dies the way the Honda Accord Hybrid did.

    Again, who the f_ needs a 430HP V8 to go get a gallon of milk from the grocery store?

    >>>Wanna bet Hybrid haters will factor in this car to prove their misguided logic that all hybrids aren’t worth the money?

  • Armand

    Making every car a hybrid isn’t the point…it’s doing as much as you can with the technology…being as efficient as possible.

    IF Lexsu can build a hybrid luxury car, then WHY can’t it build a quick, lower cost, everyday car that has style? WOULD THAT BE BAD RICHARD? Do people need V8s? Even if they are hybrid?

    I think we’ve gotten to a point in global consumption and wastefulness of resources that stupid comments such as “some people prefer” crap doesn’t apply anymore.

    Frankly, what “some” people prefer is of no consequence anymore…it’s what needs to be done. And typical self-righteous egotistical crap can be left at home thanks.

  • Alex


  • Steve C

    I think this car is a hybrid showcase. It gives V12 power from a V8. It’s an engineering marvel. It will not sell a lot but I don’t think they are doing it to make a lot of money. It exposes the “moneyed” crowd to a hybrid. They’ll love it and expect more of them. I think it’s wonderful PR and if I was rich with a stable full of cars I would want one of these for my collection. My. $.02. Way to go Lexus!

  • jake

    20 mpg?? Crazy.

  • Richard

    Armand you and your turbogreenies are right if everyone drove a go kart sized prius then less gas would be used. Why stop there, have them drive 3cy 60hp cars like some in Europe. That’s all totally unrealistic you are never going to take away the V8 option. You can have your false outrage at a cheaper price than a rich person for you smug fix.

  • rydin

    Lets build a V12 hybrid with the power of a V16. That way, the people that would normaly buy a V16 would save gas and wouldn’t have to sacrifice the 630hp! This is truely the best option… because you’ll never get people out of their V12 cars.

  • Henry

    I’m a fan of high-tech automobiles (all makes and models). This innovation by a leader in the industry is awesome. And I agree that the other manufacturers (high-end) must not only pay attention but respond. Case in point, I’ve heard Benz & bmw are somewhat working together towards more clean vehicles. Anyone know about this?

  • Hucklesberries

    I’m one of those folks referred to in this thread as “rich”. I can buy a $100k car if i choose, without making any personal sacrifices. Before i bought my first hybrid in 2002 (civic) i had been accustomed to luxury cars. I struggled and still struggle with the difference in quality of materials, ergonomics, comfort and features. What i don’t miss is luxury car “performance”. For me, my civic has more than enough power.

    What i would like to see is a luxury vehicle that hits 70 MPG, even if it only does so at

  • Richard

    comedic post are alowed and encouraged as long as they are pro green extreem I guess.
    V12 are less than 1% of sales, it’s absurd to compare them to the giant share of the market v8 have, which by the way is many times higher than hybrids.

  • Glen

    Sad to see all this name calling and bad blood over a small point. Few will be sold. Hybrid technology will spread to a new and influential class of people. The poor hybrid owners (like myself) will benefit because the hybrid stigma will disappear once we all drive one. Once all-electrics are introduced and purchased by the greenies (like myself), we’ll likely go through this dance again. I’m glad Lexus did it. Let’s hope for more.

  • EnergySaverUSdotCom

    If someone shopping in the 100K range considers a 12 cylynder but buys this instead it is savng a lot of gas, it doesn’t matter that it doesn’t get as good milage as a Prius or even a non-hybrid 6 cylynder the point is that this is America, and people will always have a freedom of choice for their automobiles, why not make their options better? The market will demand products, companies will make them simple as that, this is a good, forward looking move by lexus. Speaking of getting V8’s off the road. I’m not sure if hybrid as a power option is a good idea, it didn’t work well for the accord hybrid. I think if the accord hybrid was geared more towards milage than power it would have done better.

  • Gandalf

    This is mostly absurd, however, for work vehicles a strong V8(gasoline or diesel) for hauling
    materials around might be a necessity. Having a hybrid component for unloaded city/hwy driving would cut down of fuel usage.

  • SteveG

    Oops. Turns out the prius is one of the larges polluters on the planet. Check out the article by Chris Demorro at Central Connecticut State University. The issue is the pollution caused in making it, nit the gas mileage. Turns out event he Hummer is more eco friendly. I’ll stick with BMW, thanks.

  • JJ

    Remeber the veical is powered by a V8 engine for perfomance (Large car wants more power) the hybrid technology is a winner in the Limo role of the auto. Take into the acount how much a limo is parked and waiting for pasangers. Also, remeber that alot of the city limos do travel at slow speed waiting in city traffic. Do not just think about long halls and open highways when judging this car.

  • Jeff

    Steve G.

    Did you read the article you refer to? If you ass-u-me all the things you must to make that statement true then the Hummer on average will last loner than any other passenger vehicle on the planet and all those Prius drivers who have rolled well passed 100,000 really do not exist. And apparently the only reason anyone would make NiMh batteries is to put them in a Prius.

    The author must have taught logic to Bush Jr.

  • Tony

    I have a problem with anyone characterizing the Prius as a “go cart.”

    My wife’s Prius is black with leather seats, navigation and a rear-camera. It is quiet and efficient and easily seats 5 adults. The other day we got 17 folding chairs into the thing with room to spare.

    All this getting 51 miles per gallon

    What more could you want from a car?

  • Dennis

    I bought a Prius on Nov 2nd 2007! I just took a trip to South Dakota. At seventy miles an hour I was getting 50 miles to the gallon. The whole trip gave me 42 mpg. You can take your Lexus and place it in the Museum along with the other Dinosaur that died out! The Prius travels gravel road as if it were pavement. Pavement feels like glass and it the Prius is as nimble as a sports car. I never would have believed I could be so happy with a Toyota.

  • Jared

    My view is that people who buy the 600h, and especially the Tesla roadster (as Jeff mentions), influence significant R&D capital towards green tech. The market isn’t the answer to everything, but in the Auto Industry the fruits of that research quickly become more affordable, further fueling (pun intended) the mass adoption of green tech.

    Alternate views respected, unless expressed by the clearly deranged and/or rude.

  • Hugh


  • mjc63

    Hitting a homerun for Lexus would be easy with an ES350h! Since the Lexus ES and Toyota Camry share a platform, that would probably be very easy to accomplish. Then those of us who prefer a luxury car experience would not have to compromise, and the earth is saved!

  • KC

    So many folks (like me) need the power to navigate unmerciful road traffic. That’s why I bought a Honda Accord Hybrid who’s V6 runs on 3 cyl MOST of the time!
    BTW, City (22-26)/ Hwy (37-41)
    Shame that Honda didn’t understand just how to market their auto… killed the model recently.

  • haitham

    As a driver of an LS 460, I know for a fact that these cars deserve that price. And while you don’t need a V8 to go to the grocery store, a car like this is a road warrior dream. I drive about 100 miles a day sometimes. And this vehicle is as comfortable to drive as a jet. It just glides around.
    So don’t complain about this vehicle just because you can’t afford it. It still better that a hummers and land rovers.

  • Greg

    You so don’t get it. I used to think highly of this site until this utterly biased and opiniated article. Only the top few bullets of the “top 10” have anything to do with the hybrid topic and the rest seem to be real pluses relating to general auto build quality and safety innovations. I’m surprised you didn’t list what colors it comes in.

  • Bill

    I don’t know how Richard can count himself as an “educated person” on the subject when he can’t seem to proof his comments for spelling or grammar. Apparently, he can’t even find the Spell Check button on his computer. Seems to me this makes all of his opinions moot. (moot – adj): 1.Open to argument
    2. Irrelevant or

  • Paul Singh

    I am a Prius driver, but I am sick and tired of Prius supporters unable to do simple math. I am going to keep posting this question on every hybrid blog out there to guage the intelligence of the posters.
    Q: WHAST WILL SAVE THE U.S. MORE GALLONS OF GAS PER YEAR: BOOSTING THE CHEVY SILVERADO/SIERRA (OR FORD F-150)FROM 14mpg to 15mpg, OR RAISING THE MILEAGE OF THE PRIUS FROM 50mpg to 100mpg BY ADDING LI-ION BATTTERIES? (I realize this blog is on the Lexus, but it’s a V8 like the Ford,Chevy and in case anyone hasn’t noticed, the Lexus, the Prius and the pickups serve different markets and buyers. Decreasing/increasing sales or price of one will not affect sales/price of the other (in economcs it’s called the cross-elasticity of demand)

  • Eco Chauffeur

    I think Lexus should be commended in their hybrid technology in the GS 450h and the new LS. Sure, both are nowhere near as eco-friendly as a Prius or a bicycle. But they are pushing the executive and luxury markets to respond. Mercedes-Benz will introduce a hybrid S Class in 2008, BMW are working on their Hydrogen 7, but you can buy a Lexus now. Also, whatever car you drive, be it a Prius or a Lamborghini, it is only as eco-friendly as you are. I was overtaken by two seperate Prius drivers the other day, who must have been doing over 100mph. Sort of defeats the object, no?

  • Paul

    Assuming both vehicles are driven 12,000 miles, the Pickups would drop from 857 gallons to 800 gallons of gas in improving from 14mpg to 15mpg. The prius would drop from 240 gallons to 120 gallons in going from 50mpg to 100mpg. So, the savings would be 57 gallons for the pickups, and 120 gallons for the Prius. Now factor in sales of the Silverado (or F-150) of 800,000/year and Prius of about 160,000 year. You will see that that small 1mpg improvent will save over 3x times as much gas as putting plug-in, Li-Ion or solar, or whaterver, on a Prius.

  • Van

    High power vehicles, whether a V8 F-150 or Lexus 600 can be made more fuel efficient with hybrid drives. Thus, expect the big tundra to feature a hybrid drive in the future, getting better than 15 MPG, using a design that was in part proven in the Lexus 600.

  • greenca.tv

    Check out http://www.greenca.tv for news, discussion boards and videos on the environment.

  • Bryan

    I own a Lexus RX400h! A great car. My wife and I wanted to maintain the luxury that we had in our Mercedes, when we got our Lexus, this was the most luxurious that we could find to suit our needs and desires. What Richard and a couple of other people are stating here is very much the reality, we do not all want to drive a Prius or Civic, I enjoy my car and I think that at some point I might enjoy it if everyone drove a hybrid, it is not just about the gas, it is also, and to me more so, about the emissions. So, if someone has the money and the desire to create less emissions and use about 30 or so percent less gas, than nobody should be against that. Go get that car Richard…and enjoy it too!

  • Ike

    This Car is The Bomb. Don’t Talk Crap Because you can’t have one.

  • Sabri

    Look at this beauty

  • Lee

    This thing can actually travel for a few miles on electric power! What a revolutionary idea.

    Considering the lock, the auto industry has on anything approaching electric transportation, we should be happy with this Lexus. Why bother condemning it? Stupid maybe but isn’t it better than its V-12 counterpart that sits idling in stop and go traffic.

  • Massimo

    Almost all the 10 points are in my opinion +s and not -s. I believe it’s a great idea. Once you get used to luxury cars such as Merc, BMW, etc, than it’s difficult to make a step back, so welcome Lexus. But still waiting for a version with some SERIOUS boot space for those like me who don’t like SUVs. Regards from Italy

  • Stefan

    If Al Gore can have a mansion with solar panels, then I can have this car. There is a reason for ALTERNATIVE ENERGY which is to keep our lifestyle without not consuming.

  • JAM

    OK – here’s the greatest irony of this car. If you purchased a stocked out Audi A8 – you’d get an aluminum bodied car w/a V-8 that is just about as quick as this Lexus. You’d get, arguably, a nicer interior. And, thanks to the jaw-dropping 800lbs of weight you’re saving thanks to a superior material choice – YOU’D GET JUST ABOUT THE SAME MILEAGE.

    But here’s the kicker —- Since an Audi only costs (only? — I know….I know) $82,000 —- you could still buy a Prius to drive around town and use you’re super car for the highway. On that basis YOUR ACTUAL MILEAGE WOULD BE ENORMOUSLY BETTER.

    Somebody tell tme this isn’t conclusive. Hybrid drive doesn’t mean eco-car. The Germans are screaming that materials and design matter just as much —and we should be listening!

  • Craig Hunt

    How embarrassing to have taken at face value the say so of a student reporter at Central Connecticut State University.

  • Jay H.

    I’m getting 27 to 35 mpg when I light-foot this car. The lowest has been 21mpg. I didn’t buy it for the mileage. It’s nice to know it can get almost twice the mileage of cars in it’s class while putting out only 30% of the emission.

  • Travis

    JAM, the reason that people buy luxury cars is because they want to drive around in a luxury car. If they were willing to drive a Prius, they would save the money and buy one. People don’t get that much money being illogical twits.
    Unless the government is going to force us to buy small, cheap, fuel efficient cars (Which I hope no one is really in favor of), isn’t this at least a step in the right direction, regardless of the success of this venture?

  • Paul

    I also applaud lexus for developeing a hybred system for a full size luxury car. I only wish that this technology would be affordably applied to the more main stream vehicles from their stable and of the parent Toyota. This seems to be slated towards the richest 10% of society. It would most probably benefit the driving public at large with the largest possible effect on the environment.

  • Asma

    Common people! take it easy.. whats the big deal..?
    I’m not taking any sides since enough has been said from both sides..
    its just a point of view with some sense of humor.. :p

  • Massimo

    I had the chance to borrow the 600h for a weekend from the lexus dealer in Czech Republic. I drove to a resort in southern Austria, about 500 km from Prague. The car was simply amazing. To get there I drove through germany, cruise control set to 180km/h. Consumption 12.5 l/100km. Return on normal roads, consumption 9.3 l/100km, without particular attentions. I liked everything but the navigation system ergonomy and the trunk space, insufficient for a family of 4.

  • goran

    I have created the first personal transport vehicle that gets over 100MPG running on methane collected from the human body through a soothing vibrating tube gently through uranus plans are only $14.95 and are availabe at xxxxxxxxxx.com 100% off with this flyer

  • Steve

    eat a lot of beans do ya?

  • uncommon

    common sense with people who have no common sense

  • becky vollrath

    i love this car it is hot

  • ok then

    In about six years we will have a new type of generator and forget gas. Check out http://pages.csam.montclair.edu/~kowalski/cf/217Kyiv.html Proton-21 are making this generator prototype right now. If you think hoax, not from a 100 scientists working >55 hours a week.

  • corrected link
  • Jay

    You should learn proper grammer and spelling. If you are interested, my 5 year old could tutor you.

  • Monica gomez

    If only everybody hade the money to spend on that car the world would be better place but i think if you do have the money to spend like the price of this car then why not get this car:)))

  • Digital Razor

    I own a 1990 lexus .. you know the one with the 4 litre engine ? and it gets better milelage that the Hybrid … WTF Over ? Now I like the way the cars drive … but if Im going to save at the pump .. this is one car I will pass over .. now for what ? good question .. I dont have a 6 or 7 figure salary… And until the car makers make something that dont feel like plastic or fall apart or blow away in some of the already strong winds we have in parts of the nation I guess me and my ’90 lexus will keep driving until I cant afford the gas to work or it falls apart, like the scene in the Blues Brothers flick … later …

  • SoCalCarGuy

    Hybrid Lexus LS is

    V8 engine with V12 power (430hp) on V6 gas bills.

    It’s a nice car. My 1st gen LS400 is still going strong.

  • John Warner

    You people (the one who wrote this article, and all who think Lexus producing a hybrid is a bad thing) are idiots. I like hybrids, but am really looking forward to all electric cars myself. I just prefer electric motors over combustion engines. The planet does not need saving. The people need saving from this global warming nonsense that aims to take our hard earned money by force to give to “poor countries”. Wake up and smell the socialism!

  • T Straight

    I do own one: LS600HL, 2008 model, and I am not a millionaire. What a car! My wife won’t get behind the wheel because of the possibilities. But I tell her that it easier than her small car. One foot on the gas, another on the brake, and two hands on the wheel is all she needs, but she won’t even try! This car has saved my life with the radar cruise control tied into the automatic brakes – down to 22 mph, immediately. What power, (if needed), and cruise control at 80 mph on large highway occasions, police cars sitting on the sidelines, and/or cruising up behind me, following the guy in the high speed lane. I barely touch the pedal at the front, red-light position, and look up and see the other car alongside, now 50 feet behind. No one can touch the acceleration, and it is smooth. On highway I have accomplished 25 – 26 mpg, with the “all-electric” operation kicking in at 30 mph, (the dashboard tells you everything), where the gas engine drops off and you continue at speed on all electric power, (including the A/C when appropriate). I wanted an hybrid car with the Lexus label, and this is what became the choice at the time, (Nov. 2007). Now I have medical problems and common sense says to sell it. It now sits in the garage most of the time, and has about 14000 miles total on it, most of the miles placed in the first year. I am aware of all the on-line value advisories, but also, I just turned 80 years old!!!

  • Trevor

    It’s wild that a machine with 2 more liters and 75 more horsepower gets better EPA estimated highway mileage than the GS Hybrid (24mpg vs. 23mpg). And the Corvette Z06 does it without the help of an electric motor, to boot! I guess you can’t expect much when you’re lugging around 5,200 lbs.

  • john lee

    i have owned a jaguar xj12 in the mid 90’s and today i drive a Lexus LS. I got to say, I would never drive anything less than a V8. you don’t get the same acceleration, satisfaction and smoothness of at least a V8 engine. V6s are ok but 4 cylinders and hybrids are way too slow for “some people” like myself. nothing against gas saving cars, but if you ever driven the LS or a 12 cylinders jag, then you know what i mean.

  • Max Reid

    So sales have gone down from 980 in 2008 to 84 in 2011.
    Wait for 3 more months, when Tesla Model S arrives. That car 300 mile range, 7 passenger seating, 2 trunks and lot more for a much lesser price.

    Then LS600h sales will go down further. The hybrid buyers have realized that there is not much purpose in buying such vehicles and thats why the sales of V8 hybrids have gone down drastically.

  • Mitch

    Tony Hawk, Pro skateboarder, has a Lexus LS600h:


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