Leaf Grand Prize Of Charity Auction

A year’s driving of Nissan’s all-electric Leaf is revealed as the star auction prize in next month’s prestigious London Press Club Ball.

In partnership with Nissan, the winning charity auction bidder will earn a year’s driving of a top-of-the range Leaf, putting a whole new slant on ‘current affairs.’

Nissan said it will even fit a dedicated charging point at the successful bidder’s home and, if desired, at their workplace as well to fully charge up in just four hours.

Public rapid-chargers will recharge up to 80 percent of the battery’s capacity in just 30 minutes.

Nissan is the main automotive sponsor of this year’s London Press Club Ball which will be held this year on Thursday, October 10 in the Great Hall of the Royal Courts of Justice in London’s Strand.

Nissan explained the Ball is a glittering, upmarket annual highlight of the media social calendar attended by chief executives, editors, journalists, television presenters and program makers from UK’s major national newspaper, online, TV and broadcast media companies.

The event will be hosted by TV presenter and journalist Kate Silverton, with the fierce bidding overseen by celebrity auctioneer and broadcaster Nick Ferrari. Star entertainment includes a performance by former  X-Factor contestant  Ella Henderson.

The London Press Club has been running the annual press Ball for the past nine years and has so far raised more than £250,000 for the Journalists’ Charity.

This year as part of the Nissan sponsorship, selected VIP guests will be shuttled to and from the event in a fleet of Leafs.

“We’re thrilled that Nissan should be the main automotive sponsor of this year’s Press Club Ball,” said London Press Club chairman Doug Wills. “It is fitting that its revolutionary all-electric car should be centre stage as the media industry itself continues to embrace so many technological changes. We’re very grateful to Nissan. The Leaf is a terrifically exciting star auction item and we know it will contribute handsomely to the thousands of pounds we are seeking to raise for our industry’s charity.”

Disclaimer: neither the contributor writting this story, nor any other member of HybridCars.com’s team are involved with the London Press Club or this event.

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