Lawmakers Get Hybrid Fever

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  • moishek

    Taxis Limos & Police are the biggest fuel guzzlers, a federal subsidy for the full price gap between hybrids & non for them ,would result in the largest fuel savings, eventually dropping the hybrid cost for all.

  • Johnny Walnuts

    Get rid of SUV’s and make only pick-up trucks with v-6’s

  • Old Man Crowder

    Federal fleets have to reduce by 2% per year? Whoa, Nelly! Don’t go overboard, there.

    And it’s just a tiny loophole to say they must buy plug-in hybrids “when commercially available at a cost reasonably comparable, on the basis of lifecycle cost, to non-plug-in hybrids”

    When will they be commercially available? And what is “reasonably comparable”?

    Bush seems to be doing only lip-service to this environment crisis. I can’t wait for a new administration. :sigh

  • Flounderman

    The number of cylinders a motor has doesn’t matter. I have a Chevy Silverado with an underpowered v-6 that get equal to, or less mpg than the v-8’s

  • WizarD of AhS

    My SUV (Toyota Highlander) gets around 30.5 MPG with my driving habits (mostly around town AND feather the gas pedal to stay on electical) + I can hear the birds chirping, my neighbor’s water fountains, and the surf breaking. I can’t wait for a plug-in (Hymotion makes conversion kits – 100+ MPH)

  • Ann Braun

    I really don’t understand why some hybrids qualify to drive in this lane. I just purchased a Lexus 400H and only have an occasional need or preference to drive in this lane. Seems like it should be all hybrids or none.

  • mondo

    If you’re in CA then I bet your Lexus doesn’t meet the 45mpg standard for the carpool lane. Here are the current rules for CA:

    AB 2628 limits single occupant HOV lane access to super clean advanced technology vehicles. Vehicles must meet one of the following four combinations of standards to qualify for the single occupant HOV lane sticker:

    OPTION 1 Vehicles certified to both the California SULEV and the Federal ILEV emissions standards.

    OPTION 2 Pre- 2005 model year vehicles certified to both the California ULEV and the Federal ILEV emissions standards.

    OPTION 3 Hybrid and alternative fueled vehicles certified to the California ATPZEV emissions standard and having a USEPA Highway fuel economy rating greater than 45 MPG.

    OPTION 4 Pre- 2005 model year hybrid vehicles certified to the California ULEV emissions standard and having a USEPA Highway fuel economy rating greater than 45 MPG.

  • Jake in GA

    Taxes motivate behavior. Foreign oil supports terrorists. Emissions are toxic to the enviroment. Energy efficiency will make us more competitive in the world market. So let’s be practical and provide real tax credits to encourage hybrids without phaseouts. If we increase the tax credit to $5,000 for truly fuel efficient hybrids (i.e. cars which get better than 35mpg average, then people will start to buy more of them. I have owned my Camry Hybrid for 4 months. I formerly owned a Lincoln Continental which averaged 18mpg. After working on my techniques, I now average more than 44 mpg. I drive 60 to 65 mpg on the interstate.

  • Bill in Boston

    At Boston’s Logan Airport,
    Massport has allocated on each of it’s 6 floors several rows of parking by the elevators for HYBRID vehicles only.

  • Rusty

    I’m seriously contemplating purchasing a hybrid import (Toyota Prius using 3rd generation hybrid technology; sticker shows 61 city/ 50 highway mpg) in the next few days. The domestic don’t have anything to compare. The local Ford Dealership doesn’t have an Escape Hybrid on their lot (ever!!) for prospective customers to demo. I should cut my monthly gas expense in half. This would be the first import car I’ve ever purchased in 30 years.

  • Zac

    I know this 40% increase seems like a lot, but what about what happened in the 70’s? We need a major change now, not by 2020. If it could be done in the 70’s, it can be done now. We need to pass some type of law that takes effect now (maybe by 2010). I would like to see a fleet wide average of 30mpg by 2010, but our government does not want to make a strong stand on this issue.