Lamborghini Asterion Hybrid Could Bow This Week In Paris

Little is known about the Lamborghini Asterion that will reportedly be revealed this week at the Paris Motor Show.

The name “Asterion” comes from Greek mythology and speaks of a half-man, half-bull creature, hinting at its hybrid powertrain. The car looks to be a four seater with styling cues borrowed from the Aventador.

Lamborghini has only released a teaser outline, and the image shown comes from an Italiian magazine called Quattroruote. Scans of it have made the rounds as a possibly reliable sneak preview.

Quattroruote reports the Lamborhgini will be powered by an 888-horsepower V10 mated to triple electric motors, and this hybridization is not surprising, if it is correct.

Hybridization is the technology of choice these days for supercar makers, including Porsche, McLaren, and Ferrari, as well as others.

A plug-in powertrain lets a supercar driver nurse it around town or for sub-20-mile jaunts with zero or next to zero emissions. Alternately, it can unleash more energy and and more than a mild allotment of emissions just as supercars did before there was ever such a care.

Only all-electric powertrains are truly zero-emission – albeit their electricity source does emit, but increasingly less – but automakers build cars to pass government tests. The PHEV supercar formula lets them slip by with somewhere from 800-1,000-plus horsepower and be applauded for their green efforts.

Some would say it’s a step in the right direction. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has in contrast generally referred to all hybrids as “amphibians.”

AutoGuide via CarScoops

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