KPIT Cummins Joins With Livio To Bring Apps To Cars

KPIT Cummins, an Indian automotive engineering company that last year developed a relatively inexpensive bolt-on plug-in parallel hybrid system for the Indian auto market, today announced a partnership with Livio, a provider of in-vehicle mobile apps to cars.

In a release KPIT said the Livio integration will allow consumers to easily bring Livio-enabled smartphone apps and multiple consumer devices to a vehicle’s head unit, and will eliminate the need for constant support and one-on-one integration between individual apps and head units.

Under the partnership, the Livio Connect API will be integrated into KPIT’s production-ready infotainment software framework called “KIVI” (KPIT In-Vehicle Infotainment). With this integration, Livio-enabled apps can be accessed through the vehicle’s voice and touch controls.

“KPIT’s team has remarkable knowledge of the infotainment tech space and production issues,” said Jake Sigal, founder and CEO, Livio.

“I’m proud to say that they have selected Livio Connect to bring in smartphone apps to the car. With this partnership, OEMs now have access to Livio Connect app partners through KIVI platform in a pre-integrated, production-validated form.”

KPIT says that KIVI is a software framework that enables carmakers to embrace changes faster, bringing in native and third-party downloadable apps and features, quickly and securely through software updates and app deployment framework. The software system also enables integration of safety and driver assistance systems, vehicle tracking, and remote diagnostics services.

“KIVI is designed to future-proof IVI systems by bringing in new features and cutting-edge technologies, like Livio, even to existing IVI systems rapidly,” said Anup Sable, Senior VP & Head, Automotive & Allied Engineering, KPIT Cummins.

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