KPC Warns Consumers of E15 'Danger'

Although it has been granted Environmental Protection Agency approval, the Kansas Petroleum Council has issued a warning over the use of E15 fuel by motorists.

Last Thursday, the council issued a statement declaring that E15 which contains 15 percent ethanol, and now available for sale in the state, “could damage vehicle engines.”

KPC’s director, Ken Peterson, said in reference to a three-year study conducted by both the automobile and oil industries, that “we need to press the pause button on EPA’s rush to allow higher amounts of ethanol in our gasoline,” said Ken Peterson, director of the Kansas Petroleum Council. “The new fuel could lead to engine damage in more than 5 million vehicles on the road today and could void the manufacturer’s warranty.”

The three year study conducted by the oil and auto industries concluded that using E15 could cause damage to engine and fuel system components and void manufacturer warranties even though the EPA has granted the fuel’s approval for use in 2001 and newer model year vehicles.

Kansas is currently the only state where Ethanol 15 is available and the only station that currently sells it, requires purchases to buy at least four-gallons per pump visit in order to prevent filling up for small engines used in implements such as lawn mowers, chainsaws and garden tractors which aren’t E15 compatible.

“Our first priority should be protecting consumers and the investments they’ve made in their automobiles,” remarked Peterson. “EPA has an obligation to base this decision on science and not on a political agenda.”

Kansas Petroleum Council via Autoblog Green

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  • MrEnergyCzar

    A little suspect coming from the oil industry. They shouldn’t worry, it takes oil to make and process ethanol..


  • hutchkc

    I’m dubious on a couple of reasons. An oil group saying E15 would cause issues and they are also from Kansas.

    Here in Kansas we are still unsure on simple things like evolution, gravity, and the moon landings. So you’ll have to forgive me when I am skeptical when you tout something in your own interest that goes against a large amount of others.

  • AP

    hutchkc, as a former Kansan I’d say Kansans have more common sense than most. So I wouldn’t pick on myself 😉

    And as an automotive engineer (from GM), I agree with the KPC that too much ethanol is damaging to systems not designed for it. It’s easy to say “it’s no big deal to use E15” until you put it in your own vehicle and the plastic in your fuel lines dissolves, plugging up your fuel injectors.

    Oil companies are not the only ones looking out for their own interests. Why do you think we subsidize corn-based ethanol in the first place? Not to reduce usage of petroleum (making ethanol consumes nearly as much petroleum as a gallon of gasoline). It’s because of the lobbying of special interest groups: ethanol producers and agriculture.

    Note that auto manufacturers have also fought E15, because we believe it will trash people’s 10-year old cars. We want to protect our customers. The government has its own agenda, which doesn’t align with the consumer.

  • Andreas

    Here in Germany we have recently seen how this fear to damage your engine with E10 has stopped a government approach to ban E5 and replace it with E10. More than 1.5 years after the ‘introduction’ of E10 all gas stations still offer E5…..

  • Charlie Peters

    Bill Clinton, Al Gore & Senator Obama supported the California 2006 Prop. 87, a GMO corn ethanol welfare program.

    Bill, Al, have changed opinion on the ethanol mandate, I wonder if California will make this the time for CHANGE?

    I support a waiver of the ethanol mandate, voluntary use of ethanol in my gas.

    Federal ethanol policy increases Government motors oil use and Big oil profit.

    It is reported that today California is using Brazil sugar cane ethanol at $0.16 per gal increase over using GMO corn fuel ethanol. In this game the cars and trucks get to pay and Big oil profits are the result that may be ready for change.

    We do NOT support AB 523 or SB 1396 unless the ethanol mandate is changed to voluntary ethanol in our gas.

    Folks that pay more at the pump for less from Cars, trucks, food, water & air need better, it is time.

    The car tax of AB 118 Nunez is just a simple Big oil welfare program, AAA questioned the policy and some folks still agree.

    AB 523 & SB 1326 are just a short put (waiver) from better results.

    GOOGLE: Prop 87 (510) 537-1796

  • not_another_red_shirt

    I have had no issues with the E15 blend in my 2010 Suzuki Sx4. I checked with my dealership maintenance head and told he me that there would be no issues with using the E15. He also told me that the higher octane from it, 90, would be better than the lower ones. I haven’t notices a change in my mpg. Though with the heat of summer still going the a/c still kills my mpg.
    A plus for the E15 is that is runs around 12 cents cheaper. The station I found E15 at is the Phillips 66 Station (Zarco) outside of Ottawa, KS, next to Interstate 35.