July Hybrid Sales Reach Record High Market Share

With nearly all gas-electric hybrid cars qualifying for the Cash for Clunkers vouchers, hybrid sales in July grew to 3.55 percent of the new car market—its largest market share ever. New car dealers sold 35,429 hybrids, with more than half of the sales coming from the Toyota Prius.

Hybrid sales jumped by 35 percent in July compared with last month and a year ago—while sales of conventional new vehicles rose 15.4 percent for the month and were down 13 percent from July 2008.

Toyota sold 19,193 Priuses, making it one of America’s best sellers in July. Prius sales rose by 47.5 percent for the month and were up 29.7 percent from July 2008.

On a unit basis, April 2008 was the biggest month for hybrid sales, when 40,198 hybrids were sold. But July 2008 represents the largest market share for hybrids, considering the reduced size of the overall vehicle market.

Other big sellers in July were the Lexus RX450, Toyota Camry Hybrid, Nissan Altima Hybrid, Ford Fusion and Ford Escape Hybrid. Sales of the Ford Escape Hybrid increased by 80 percent compared to June, and more than doubled from July 2008.

Unfortunately, Honda and General Motors did not enjoy the bump in hybrid sales. While the 2010 Honda Insight rose by a mild 10.4 percent, the Honda Civic Hybrid dropped by 38.8 percent compared to last month. The combined sales of seven hybrids from General Motors increased by just 2.3 percent from June.

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  • GR

    Hey hybridcars.com, where are all the cool graphs and charts that you guys used to have with the monthly sales analysis?

  • hchIIluv

    My local dealer said that the 09 Hch II has stopped production for the model year. They wish they had some to sell…the demand was there. Production was switch to the insight.

  • Daniel O

    Yeah hybridcars bring back the graphs and charts please I wait every month for that artlce

  • Yehuda

    I have been trying to find a 2009 Civic Hybrid. If sales are down, why is there no inventory? Or perhaps is Honda basically phasing out the car?

    Any info?

  • hchIIluv

    They are not phasing out the HCHII, they felt (right or wrongly) that the Insight was to be the next big thing at Honda, because of the lower price point then Prius. We will see the HCHII in the next model year if not sooner.

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