Jaguar Range Rover Could Build EVs Competing With Tesla and BMW

Like most others in the automotive world, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is deciding where it can dive deeper into the electrification game with more hybrids and eventually EVs that could go against Tesla and BMW.

In a recent talk with the head of product development for Jaguar Land Rover, Wolfgang Ziebart, Automotive News in Europe discovered JLR’s timing is – not surprisingly – up in the air for its first electric vehicle, but it’s thinking about it.

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“The market is in two areas,” said Ziebart of pure electric cars. “The first one being inner-city urban transportation. That’s less a market for us. The second is as a second or third car for a wealthy family. This is more a market for us. Here we see some Range Rover owners or owners of high-end Jaguars as potentially being attracted to electric vehicles.”

When asked if this meant a smaller car, Ziebart noted Tesla’s Model S is not a little vehicle, but some in Europe would also go for a BMW i3-sized model as an upscale city car.

JLR won’t likely therefore be going head to head against Nissan’s Leaf, and for now, its efforts are limited by comparison to other players, but more electrification is pending

The company currently has diesel hybrids not available in the U.S. – the Range Rover Hybrid and Range Rover Sport Hybrid – and in time, said Ziebert, JLR will have a little less gas and a little more electricity.

“[T]he combustion will be downsized so that you have more opportunity to drive electrically.”

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