Jaguar Land Rover Investing $25M In Lyft And Testing Autonomous Vehicles

Jaguar Land Rover is investing $25 million into Lyft to support the ride-hailing firm’s expansion and technology plans, and to test out JLR’s autonomous vehicles in Lyft’s network.

JLR is investing through InMotion, its mobility services subsidiary. The $25 million was part of Lyft’s latest round of funding that ended in April.

Lyft drivers will have access to Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles, but details haven’t yet been revealed on how that will work and how many vehicles will be included.

Great Britain’s largest automaker will be allowed to test its autonomous vehicles in Lyft’s ride-hailing network.

The British carmaker has been testing its autonomous research vehicles on a 44-mile route in England.

“We are excited to collaborate with a leading platform like Lyft not only on developing premium mobility solutions but also devising innovative solutions to the transport problems Jaguar Land Rover’s customers face. Personal mobility and smart transportation is evolving and this new collaborative venture will provide a real-world platform helping us develop our connected and autonomous services,” said Sebastian Peck, InMotion’s managing director.

InMotion’s latest move follows its recent investment in SPLT, a Detroit-based digital carpool business. SPLT works with Lyft to provide non-emergency medical transport.

Lyft appears to be gaining an edge over its archrival, ride-hailing giant Uber.

Last year, Uber was recognized for striding forward in autonomous vehicles through its Pittsburgh test project. Another achievement was forging a partnership with Volvo to test the autonomous driving capabilities of its XC90 SUV model.

This year, Uber has faced a storm of difficulties including a lawsuit by Waymo over alleged theft of the Alphabet division’s self-driving technology; and employee terminations associated with claims from an ex-employee over sexual harassment.

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Lyft recently won deals with Waymo and NuTonomy to partner on self-driving vehicle technologies and ride services.

The JLR is the second investment in Lyft by an automaker, following the January 2016 announcement that General Motors would be investing $500 million in the ride-hailing firm.

The partnership with GM involves upcoming tests of thousands of self-driving Chevy Bolts.

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