Is Opel Planning Successor To Plug-In Ampera?

In a classic case of misquotes and misinformation, earlier reports of Opel canning the Chevrolet Volt-based Ampera before General Motors launches its second generation without a replacement might not be entirely accurate.

Today, while reports from Reuters and Automotive News Europe do confirm that Opel is indeed killing the Ampera, the company is also working on filling the EV gap with another product.

“We will definitely introduce a successor product in the electric vehicle segment and continue to defend our position as an innovation leader,” Opel said in a statement yesterday. “We see electric mobility as an important part of mobility and we will continue to drive down costs and deliver affordability.”

The as-yet-unnamed product will be launched sometime between 2014 and 2018.

In a story back in April, ANE said Opel was starting work on a “full” battery electric vehicle that would be smaller and less expensive than the Ampera range-extended PHEV. And the reported timeline of “by 2016 or 2017” fits well with Opel’s large four-year window discussed yesterday.

While the current Spark EV compliance car wouldn’t be a complete solution since Chevrolet is no longer sold in Europe, the platform and electric drivetrain could be rebodied as an Opel or Vauxhall, presumably with lower costs than developing an existing car from scratch.

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