Will Infiniti Supercar Due By 2018 Be A V6 Hybrid?

Following the range-extended Emerg-e concept in design language, an Infiniti supercar is expected to be launched within the next five years, and it may well have a hybrid powertrain.

Both the Emerg-e and Essence concepts have come and gone, their purpose at this point seems to have been little more than to give hints of what a production version that could potentially compete with Acura’s NSX could look like.

At this point observers are speculating the new production supercar to be on sale by 2018 could use a V6 hybrid system – departing from the 1.2-liter generator with a range extender shown by Infiniti in the Emerg-e.

Also up in the air is whether the new powertrain would be front or mid-mounted.

“We are still evaluating the layout,” Infiniti’s European head, Fintan Knight, told Autocar. “It is still on the table for a decision. The same goes for the powertrain.”

The Infiniti supercar is however expected to receive design input from the Red Bull F1 Racing Team – thus the belief that a V6 hybrid layout may be in the offing.

The involvement of the world championship team, Autocar was told, is believed to be a formality however, and intended to maximize Infiniti’s sponsorship of the F1 team.

First to be developed before the supercar however are several other more mainstream internal combustion models.


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