Infiniti’s M Gets Longer Wheelbase, Gains Hybrid Powertrain Option

Infiniti launched today in Beijing a long wheelbase version of its M sedan, and included the launch of the hybrid version of the M, the M35hL.

The elongated chassis features a 5.9-inch (150mm) longer wheelbase than the standard Infiniti M. Most of this extra space is dedicated to the rear seat legroom.

At the heart of the M35hL is the new 3.5-liter VQ35HEV engine, the only hybrid engine recently listed among the “Top 10 Ward’s Best Engines” by Ward’s Auto.

The engine provides a maximum power output of 360 horsepower (at 6800 rpm) and maximum torque of 258 pound-feet (at 5200 rpm), while a motor with two clutches drawing power from a lithium battery pack in the trunk area adds another 50 kw and 199 pound-feet of torque. The hybrid system is able to achieve the same level of acceleration with 30 percent less fuel consumption compared to the company’s conventional VQ37 engine.

The electronically controlled 7-speed automatic transmission with a drive-adaptive learning algorithm sense plays an important role in further improving driving performance. It is also equipped with manual shift mode, Adaptive Shift Control (ASC), and Downshift Rev Matching, which provides faster, smoother downshifts by raising engine rpm slightly. A unique Eco Pedal System also improves fuel efficiency by 5 percent. The system counteracts in advance with a pedal feedback control mechanism through a tactile indicator. At the same time, the driver can constantly monitor the level of fuel-efficient driving which is indicated by the color and flashing of a lamp on a dash meter.

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