Infiniti’s Diesel-Hybrid Comes with Louis Vuitton Bags

The luxury fantasy comes complete with lithium ion batteries and Louis Vuitton luggage designed specifically for the Infiniti Essence.

Nissan unveiled the Infiniti Essence concept car at the Geneva International Motor Show on Tuesday signaling its intention to produce the first vehicle to combine hybrid and diesel technologies. The vehicle itself is typical car show eye candy: a sleek high-horsepower turbocharged two-seater that will never go into production.

The luxury fantasy comes complete with lithium ion batteries and Louis Vuitton luggage designed specifically for the Infiniti Essence. (Apparently, Nissan overlooked the need for adequate trunk space in the low-slung performance hybrid—and had to create tailor-made baggage and a roll-out shelf.) Drawing comparisons to the sleek Fisker Karma… such ostentation seems out of touch with tough economic times—until you consider the high-mpg potential of a diesel hybrid.

The combination of a hybrid system, an efficient diesel engine, and an aerodynamic design could make the Toyota Prius seem like a gas-guzzler. In Europe, where diesels represent half of the car market, the idea of diesel-hybrids gets repeatedly paraded out at car shows—but the problem is cost. Hybrids are more expensive than conventional cars. Diesels are also more expensive. And a diesel-hybrid adds cost upon cost beyond practicality.

Infiniti Essence concept
Infiniti Essence concept

The Infiniti Essence signals Nissan’s interest in a performance hybrid, and in combining diesel and hybrid technology for the luxury market.

A Nissan spokeswoman told Reuters: “Customers willing to pay for a diesel hybrid would be in the luxury segment.” She said Nissan plans to launch a production version of the car with a V6 diesel hybrid system. The company gave no indication of the car’s price or any timetable for production.

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  • Shines

    Wow – sure is pretty.
    Diesel hybrid would be very fast – lotsa torque!
    It’d be fun to compare with these: the Converj, Fisker Karma and Tesla Roadster

  • Lost Prius to wife

    I would like to see the drag coefficient on this one. It has to be lower than the Corvette. And you are probably right that it is very fast. I wonder if it will be in the 30+ mpg category. Personally, I like the looks better than the Converj, Fisker Karma and Tesla Roadster. If I win the Powerball, maybe I will own one.

  • perfectapproach

    Didn’t car-makers learn their lesson with the Honda Accord hybrid? I know Honda sure did… and now they have one of the cheapest productions hybrids on the market. Is Nissan paying attention?

    I will concede that this IS a sexy beast… but seriously? I’m willing to bet that Nissan is just experimenting with the drivetrain, and the body is arbitrary. I WOULD like to see some diesel-hybrid drivetrain experimentation, especially if they can be made as clean as gasoline.

  • Lost Prius to wife

    perfectapproach, remember this is for the “luxury segment”, not us peons. I would still like to see it and sit in it. It may just be “eye candy” but it sure is pretty “eye candy”.

  • jonathan

    very nice, but WHEN ?
    I’ve had enough of concepts, lets have something we can buy !

  • sean t

    WHEN? “Infinity is a number that is larger than any other number and so can never be given an exact value”. Full stop.

  • Dom

    Nissan better hurry up. It looks like VW may actual put a diesel hybrid into production with the Golf 7 in 2012:

  • Ross Nicholson

    The crazy open wheel wells and non-boat tail back end together indicate that aerodynamics for this vehicle, such as they are, are going to be very wasteful. I’ll bet the bottom isn’t slick, either. Someone should tell Nissan that having an efficient drive train is only a half measure. They need an aerodynamic body as well.

  • Huge performance.


    Make it a crossover, beef up the suspension, and enter it in the Dakar Rally! Who cares about aerodynamics – it’s all about off roading, when the actual average road speed US drivers travel at is less than 50 mph.

  • Anonymous

    She sure is pretty….

  • Domenick


    It’s not a diesel. From the Nissan press releaes,”The dramatic design, technology and performance statement is a 592-horsepower, rear-wheel-drive gasoline/electric hybrid coupe.”

  • greg

    She looks great . and a nice Louis Vuitton Luggage .

  • Nitta

    Is there any way to find out when the actual car is gonna be released?this concept is just teasing people….I want this car so bad!Wonder how much iz gonna cost….

  • Pandajal

    Dnt u guys get this car has no kompetition it’s unique n Kant kompete with no accord or golf! This car delivers it all!!! This is like da pirus for the filthy richasses! N a dreamcar for the dreamers! A car with dat type of engine n how lightweight it is will b Competing with the corvets n shit probably doin 60 in 4 sec or so! Hope they put it into production kuz I bet them rich superstars guna want one! Plus this car wuld hav no one to compete with it wuld b in a class of it’s own!

  • J.S

    Try $250,000.00 and up….