Indian Carmaker Plans Diesel-Hybrid Pickup for the U.S.

Indian automaker Mahindra & Mahindra plans to introduce a diesel-hybrid pickup truck for sale in the U.S. by 2010. The pickup, called the Appalachian, would become the first diesel-hybrid to hit the light-duty market in the United States. Currently, the only diesel hybrids in the U.S. come in the form of mass transit buses.

The two- and four-door pickup, roughly the size of a Toyota Tacoma, will be powered by a 2.2-liter four-cylinder clean-diesel engine designed by Bosch. Output should be 145 horsepower with 300 lb-ft of torque. It will be offered in two- or four-wheel drive, and have a payload capacity of about 2,600 pounds. The Senior VP of Product Development at Mahindra is Dr. Arun Jaura, former head of vehicle engineering for Ford’s Escape Hybrid platform. Further details are unknown.

Mahindra says a diesel-only model of the Appalachian, which will come out in 2009, will yield fuel economy in the 30- to 35-mpg range. Mileage for the diesel-hybrid version is expected to exceed 40 miles per gallon.

According to Global Vehicles USA, the American importer for Mahindra, the cost of the Appalachian diesel pickup will be in the mid-$20,000s. The hybrid version is expected to carry a premium of an additional $5,000. The vehicle will be partially built in India, with the final assembly to be done in Ohio. The vehicle will be sold through a network of approximately 300 Mahindra dealers in the United States.

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  • Cameron Baron

    RIP US Auto manufacturers

  • Gerald Shields

    As Punjabi MC would say, Mundian to bach ke (Beware of the boys) (!

  • Babu Flubber

    As a lifelong American, I have no desire whatsoever to drive anything with the word “Mahindra” on it. Maybe Mahindra equates to something wonderful in India, but it’s not something I’m gonna brag up to my buddies here in the US, and I don’t see it scoring me any points with the ladies. No, I haven’t conducted any focus groups, but something tells me that I’m not the only one who will see it that way.

  • ex-EV1 driver

    We obviously can’t count on the US companies coming out with anything intelligent like a diesel hybrid so I’m all for whomever will. Besides, if it can handle the roads in India it’ll handle anything we have here as long as it can actually pass our FMVSS requirements and can actually hit US freeway speeds with some reasonable acceleration. It’s hard to exceed 45 mph on Indian roads and many Indian vehicles will barely exceed 50 mph.
    Too bad it doesn’t sound like it’s a plug-in hybrid though.

  • TM

    Just wait. I’m old enough to remember people saying they would never be caught dead in a “rice burner” called a HONDA or TOYOTA either. Now they are everywhere… The Koreans did it. Why not India??

  • WAP

    I have been waiting for a compact pickup hybrid since I have been in the car market. So what if it is Indian, at least someone is doing it. Hope Mihandra delivers and I can buy a pickup with functionality that is not the size of Montana.

  • Birdy Num Num

    YOu know babu, you can call it anything you want, M&M, M Squared, whatever you want, but something tells me, its not what you call your car that helps you with the ladies. However, by all means, keep your el camino.

  • Gerald Shields

    That’s what was said about Toyota and other Japanese carmarkers after WWII. Never say never.

  • bodaddy

    Well at $2.89/gal now, and who knows by 2010, as a working man, I’ll be looking for any truck with the best economy,
    “its the economy stupid”.
    What is wrong with the “big three” that they can’t compete with what people want???

  • LDK

    You know at 80,000 miles you would save only about $1500 on gas getting 40 MPG as apposed to 27MPG. I fail to see why you would buy a $30,000 plus untested electric little pickup with 145 horse power. I think that means even given no major problems with this untested hybrid you would still spend about $15,000 to save $1500.00 on gas. ????? Why?

  • Eric

    Before you make a comment, LDK, read the article and actually think carefully:

    Its not an electric truck, its a diesel that gets 32.5 combined mpgs. The diesel-electric hybrid version will get 40mpg and cost about $30,000 ($5,000 over the non-hybrid version). One is spending $5,000, not $15,000, for the hybrid powertrain.

    And lets do the math:

    80,000 miles at 40mpg: 80000/40=2,000.00 gallons of diesel fuel used.
    80,000 miles at 27mpg: 80000/40=2,962.96 gallons of diesel fuel used.

    2962.96-2000=a difference of 962.96 gallons of fuel used

    962.96 gallons * 3.28 per gallon of diesel fuel (based on current DOE statistics as of 2/11/2008) = a savings of $3158.50 over 80,000 miles.

    So, LDK, your post was typical anti-hybrid libel.

  • Babu Flubber

    If they desire to succeed, car companies typically design and name cars to appeal to the market they intend to penetrate. A car called “Mahindra” is unlikely to be a good fit for any US market. Marketing strategy may not be the typical focus for this site, but let’s be honest: the finest hybrid vehicles will not sell if they are not marketed correctly. You could come out with a 1000 mpg diesel hybrid, but if you give it a tard name like “Birdy Num Num” and nobody will buy it, the environment will never benefit.

  • TM

    lol, good point babu
    Birdy Num Num, you just got served

  • Birdy Num Num

    ok now I git it. sorry about being so ignorent.

  • Barny

    Good point, good marketing doesn’t hurt. Remember the lesson learned by GM when they launched the Chevy Nova. Great sales in the US, but no sales in Mexico. Nobody bothered to check out what “nova” meant in Español.

  • SirTedE

    I think it’s great to see other car manufacturing countries reaching out to make an attempt to sell their cars, vans and trucks using hybrid technology. Although a little well known French company have managed to get 80 miles to the gallon from a diesel hybrid car. My point here is it doesn’t matter who makes the car or what name is given to the car the fact is we are all witnessing humans at the best when presented with a challenge like finding a solutions in reducing the burden the price of oil now has on all of us not to mention the environment while still allowing us to enjoy getting out about in our cars and trucks. Now if only our own car manufacturing companies can only open their eyes to what’s happening around the world maybe they’ll be around in the next ten years or so to impress us with their own answer to Asia’s brilliant car designs and ideas.

  • Hi scool suks

    well I was just surfin different sites to find my driver’s ed weekly article, and it is kinda beast how u grown pepps comment on articles like this…it’s kinda werid…but it’s cool anyhow. LOL oh and I think Mahindra is a cool name.”heat under the babyseat” now that’s a stupid name.

  • Mmmm

    Well, we all knew this was coming. Free Trade and the WTO have no place in our culture, for now! We cannot compete against third world country’s… We also have to blame it on Detroit for their lack of initiative and the UNIONS for their greed by holding the auto makers hostage. Unless there is serious change in America you can say goodbye to the big three…

  • Jim Sheffield

    My thoughts exactly, LDK. It makes no sense. Also making no sense is buying whatever the Big 3 foist upon the American public. They listen with their pocketbook rather than their ears. Whoever is looking for a small, clean diesel burning truck may well look at the non-hybrid model when it arrives.

  • David M

    The fact of matter as long as the big three get the kickbacks from the oil companies we are all going to struggle like rats on a sinking ship.
    Companies do not change regardless who talking until they lose money. It will come a day soon that the cars we drive will be made ILLEGAL TO DRIVE so that we can bailout the the big 3 and get into more debit

  • Preston

    Bump* REST IN PEACIES CHEVY – If you can’t compete its not my fault. PS dont ask my government for a bail out either, and is chevy ever going to put that camero up for sale? or is a pipe dream like chevy sales goals? 2007/2008/2009/2010 ? when is it gonna be for sale?

  • socal gas hater

    This truck is looking very horrible if you compare it to the Toyota A-Bat, however, the first to present a light hybrid truck to consumers has an advantage. People want this now and gas prices are out of control here in the U.S. Check out the A-Bat if you don’t know what I’m talking about and put some pressure on Toyota to give us truck enthusiats a chance at the gas pump. I seriously feel like walking nowadays, it’s so bad. I could shed my lovehandles that way.

  • monkeyfurball

    Well, I’m happy someone is coming out with a diesel hybrid. Wish it was American or Japanese, but whoever does it, the sooner the better. We will see $4 to $5 gas this summer. Diesel is almost a dollar more. And I don’t give a flying sh** what they name it. If you think that stops sales then you are as stupid as the big 3 who are a hair’s breath from bankruptcy because they think that way also.

  • Dean

    I have 300,000 miles on a Ford Ranger 3.0 (manual transmission) and I get about 27 mpg (mostly highway driving). I could get a used Ranger with fewer miles on it for about $12,000 pretty easily and drive it for years. It kind of makes the economics of buying any new hybrid truck suspect. I’d have to drive a LOT of miles to come up with $18,000 in gas savings just to break even on a $30,000 truck vs. a $12000 used truck. And most of the time, I’m riding a motorcycle which gets 60 mpg anyway. -Dean

  • Paul Kennedy

    The question should be is how much is big oil paying the big three not to manufacture fuel efficient cars and trucks? They’ve had over 50 years to raise gas mileage. Anyone remember that 50mpg carb now of folklore that was invented 50years ago?

  • Vijay Balwani

    Even though I am an Indian by birth bit still I know the overall Indian excellence and their engineering knowledge in addition to the way they care for the customers. So it would not be a surprise if they throw away any jeep taged with hybrid technology and escalate their image in comparison to biggies like ford,toyota,GM. Its not sure how long these diesel cart makers can sustain to stay here in US market after selling some of the smoke oggling jeeps and then one day they are gone.

    Being an Indian I would rather prefer to go for the established and technically sound brands like toyota ,gm,ford. No way for the tractor manufacurers with technology purchased from bosch to be given a chance for which I can never even repent for the loss of money I made by purchasing a bull shit jeep with the tag “BUILT BY MAHINDRA” which is also copied from other MNC manufacturing strategy.

    No way for any cheap jeep or truck for a country like USA.

  • David Roger

    Hey whats going on? Wht government is allowing these junk dealers to sell jeeps in our country?Are we not concerned about our enviornment or we just want to throw some bucks for these cheap machines to be used in our farms while contaminating our air with CO? Give way to these trucks and vans in Asian market only because we americans wanna have class vehicles not just rugged carts.

  • Marcus Ricci

    i’m glad that somebody already commented on the math-based savings of the proposed vehicle, so i don’t have to.

    i WILL say that the proposed name of the vehicle is NOT “Mahindra & Mahindra”; that is the name of the MANUFACTURER. the name of the model is “Appalachian” which is an American-centric name and one i think most of the American public would be fine with. do folks say “i drive a pontiac trans am” or “porsche boxster” or do they say “i drive a trans am” or “boxster”?

  • jakeefer

    If ford would sell the diesel ranger it has available in Australia they might be making some money… btw, the Aussie Ranger gets 35+MPG

  • Trucker

    This truck is apparently going to be called Appalachian, after the american mountain range.Mahindra will maunbfacture it and most likey appear somewhere on it.

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  • Rich

    As for me I am excited at the prospect of getting a small diesel truck. Why have Ford, GM, Chevy, Toyota and Nissan not brought their Diesel vehicles to the US market? I would love the answer to that question, had any of these companies showcased a diesel truck here I would have picked one up in a heart beat. Mahindra will be test driving this vehicle across the US in the latter part of 2009. I have signed up for a test drive during that phase and strongly suggest anyone else do the same. Might change some peoples minds about the vehicle and the name.

    visit and take a look.

  • parth
  • blue m
  • Not-Babu-Flubber

    Oh yeah, and I’m going to be the first in line to buy a BabuFlubber Rally Sport… LOL! Talk about “tard” names, Bwahahaha!!!

  • Ricardo

    that pick up is an awseom car, I have one and i´m completely happy with my car

  • southronpatriot

    I love the idea of the diesel pickup and the diesel/electric hybrid
    and mahindra makes great tractors with excellent customer service.
    i have asked the question why we cant get the small diesels in america and was told it was due to our environmental regs.
    a few years ago i saw an ad for a chevy diesel/electric hybrid full size pickup truck, you could even use it as a generator for electric tools!, why was it not put into production?
    wake up detroit! you have the factories, the vehicle chassis, and the technology has been driving trains for decades now.

  • uncle duck

    To begin with the dodge cummins was rated at 145 hp. in the 1980 and it had a bosch injection pump and worked great it hard to buy because people love them so if mahindra can do the same out of a 4cylinder and get the mileage i would buy one they have the tech. for years and keep it hide so i feel no pain to buy a forien truck if they get off there back side.

  • Abraham Samuel

    I like to see this pictured diesel truck with little more attractive
    front design. I will not buy a diesel truck with this type of front
    design, even though I am in the market for a deisel pick up.

    May be my comment is not pleasing to your web site, but I have
    to tell the truth coming form my mind. Please change the design
    with little more atteractive like – Dodge diesel pickup ctc..etc.

  • desi


    get a life man…hehe……

  • desi

    Its more about the desire….. aspirations and the challenge that this company is taking up to compete in the international market, true it had to collaberate with Bosch, AVL, LOTUS etc so what?
    I admire them for aiming high against all ods…it represents te desires of young Indians to aim high and work for it against all ods.

    In hometown India, the Police use a chevy SUV that no one would buy in US coz of its UN RELIABILITY…and this town saw one of the worst industrial disaster in the world by an American chemical manufacturer (google nion carbide bhopal), no one shoults aloud …on the govt on buying American made goods back home.

    I am surprised at the hostility to Indian products, but well hey Americans get their diplomacy so right……..they have no problem with handing out American flags made by a communist country when you take the oath of citizenship of USA, but they don’t like Indian products, a democratic, free, secular, peaceful country. USA country is funny..

    I have been in Mahindraproducts for 15 years of my life on city roads and farm land and heck in the wild in barren lands of Chambal river and they are one of the most reliable ever seen, true they are not as sophisticated as US trucks but hey the ocmpany never says that……..but well if your intelligence wants to compare it to “hgher” segment vehicles…sure go ahead….

  • Coop

    Well, I live in the US and I don’t understand! It seems that everything is a conspiracy!! I mean, Volkswagon(Non-US) uses the little 1.9L Diesel engines in their Jetta’s and Beetles and get just about 50mpg with the maual Transmission!! Why Don’t the U.S. do this if everyone is so worried about CLEAN air and gas prices!?!? Or maybe a Diesel hybrid! We have this Chevy “VOLT” launching in November 2010 that is going to be about $12,000(Includes the $7,500 Rebate) more than a car of the same size that is a gas only model and would cost an estimated about $2,000 a year for the cost of gas ! And the estimated extra $12,000 you will be paying for the “Volt” the extra money would pay for your gas in the same size car that isnt a hybrid, for about 6 years and thats if you never put a drop of gas in the “VOLT”!?!? I don’t understand! Because in the 6 years you’ll wanna get rid of it anyway? The Chevy Volt is gonna have to cost the same as a car of it’s size, Yes, I understand it costs more money to manufacture it, But, Oh Well, We should have more small Diesel Motors in the cars in the meantime! Sorry, My 2 cents!

  • Used trucks for sale

    Hope America likes it, are there any Used trucks for sale shop, where this hybrid trucks are available…………

  • John Andrew

    well Mahindra is well know Company in Asia for Diesel Pickup Trucks & i think they have already started to export from India in Europe & US Country. m sure thay gone give some rocking performance to US Auto Market, welcome to the country where every only likes Pickup Trucks

  • John Andrew

    well Mahindra is well know Company in Asia for Diesel Pickup Trucks & i think they have already started to export from India in Europe & US Country. m sure thay gone give some rocking performance to US Auto Market, welcome to the country where every only likes Pickup Trucks

  • Andrew Martin

    Advance Technology of hybrid vehicle are modified and give new verity in the model of hybrid vehicle. We relay need Diesel hybrid pickup trucks. And Mahindra is also done grate job in automotive industry.

  • Greg Robbins

    In 1947 we broke the sound barrier.
    In the 60’s we sent men to the moon and computers were the size of rooms and less capable than modern watches.
    All kind of technology have progressed in leaps and bounds.
    Average mileage have only increased by 10 mpg in the last 20 years and 15 to 20 mpg in the last 40 years
    If everything else progressed as the fuel mileage we would still be amputating body parts that are infected

  • Peter Harris

    India got worlds most affordable car by indian carmaker Tata, they recently made splash with its NANO, now another indian manufacturer Mahindra is planning to hit in the US marker with its hybrid pickup

  • summers s

    Hey guys thanks for sharing the information, i guess that to launch the hybrids in India is not a good idea as the country people are still below the literacy level and even if they get literate they are not environmental friendly as i can see that there are many Indians who are super rich but least care for the nature this type of attitude will eventually drain out the natureal resources, i hope that the civic awareness is promoted by the government will help some of the so called literate people :), by the way it was a nice content to read thanks again for sharing, keep up the good work. patio umbrellas

  • Gregg

    Did they ever sell these in America? I have not seen or heard about them since this article.

    Gregg at used cars warrensburg mo