Important Dates For VW Up! MiniCar Revealed

Mark your calendars Volkswagen mini-car fans.

It has just been learned that the much-anticipated Volkswagen Up! 3- and 5-door city car will have its world premiere in Paris on August 22.

After the world debut, the Up! – which will ultimately be available with either electric or small displacement gas or diesel engines – will be transported to Germany for the Frankfurt auto show in September.

The official release for the 3-door, 1.0-liter gas engine or 1.2-liter diesel engine hatchback is to be around the end of the year. The larger 5-door hatchback – also petrol powered – will be released a year later at the end of 2012.

The first MPV Up! And electric-powered models will be made available in early 2013.

The Up! will be half the size of a Volkswagen Golf and start at around $10,000.

As a family of vehicles, the Up! line will compete against vehicles like the Toyota Scion iQ, Mitsubishi i, and other tiny cars.

Source: AutoGuide

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  • 9691

    West Germany? I thought it didn’t exist since Germany’s reunification.

  • shopa

    Please look at my invention that will allow small cars like this to pass
    US Government crash tests.

  • Mr. Fusion

    Sweet! Looks like it’s back to the size of the original VW Golf (Rabbit).

    Just some comments about the name:

    I can see the conversations now:
    “Is that VW Up! yours?”

    If there is more than one Up!, how do we spell it?
    7 Up!s; 7 Ups!; Or will it be a singular like moose: 7 Up!

    What if my Up! broke down, and I don’t feel like exclaiming the name?

  • Max Reid

    2 & 3 door cars does not sell well. Thats why Focus & Cobalt coupe’s winded up and the new Focus hatchback comes only in 5 door version.

    Dont delay the EV model, Nissan & Chevy are already selling Leaf & Volt successfully and Mitsubishi, Ford & Toyota are all joining in.

  • bhaskar amin

    excellant naration jn above page @ regards
    please reply

  • 123paul70

    This revolutionary car should be brought to North American market as soon as possible! Waiting for this car long time! Give this beauty to us !!! I hope it will rus as good as Fiat Panda and be even more fuel efficient.

  • SailDesign

    I hope it comes States-side soon, preferably in a base model with manual transmission, and as little electrical BS as possible. Yup, I’m a practicing Luddite. 😉

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