Hyundai Ioniq Electric Subscription Program Sells Benefits Of Leasing With A Few Perks

Hyundai released pricing details on the 2017 Ioniq Electric just before Earth Day.

The automaker is now offering a 36-month lease program with a few perks branded as the Ioniq Unlimited+ subscription program. The subscription program had been announced in November with prices to follow.

Subscribers need to pay a $2,500 down payment, which Hyundai said – to customers in California, its biggest sales base – will be offset by the California electric vehicle rebate. The down payment waives taxes and dealer charges, except for California sales tax, and includes the first monthly payment.

Subscription payments will be set by the trim level chosen. Monthly payments for the three electric trim levels are: $275 plus tax for the Electric base version; $305 plus tax for Limited; and $365 plus tax for Limited with Ultimate Package.

As for perks offered to subscribers, the company is waiving mileage penalties during the 36-month period. Owners will be reimbursed for electricity used, up the first 50,000 miles driven. That will come through an electricity credit applied to the owner’s subsequent monthly payment.

Ioniq Unlimited+ members will have all the service, maintenance, and wear items included in the first 50,000 miles with their Ioniq Electric.

Hyundai is selling Ioniq Unlimited+ on the stress points consumers have over getting a lease.

“The Ioniq Unlimited+ program creates an entirely new means of mobility that addresses the major, well-known stress points associated with traditional automotive leases,” the company said.

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For now, the subscription program is only available in parts of California. It’s first available to those living in the Los Angeles, Orange, and Riverside counties; later this year, it will extend out to residents in northern California and San Diego.

No word yet on whether it goes beyond California. It’s currently the only state where the Ioniq Electric is being sold.

The Korean automaker is working hard to sell the Ioniq in its three variations with a 58-mpg hybrid version; 124 miles for the charged electric vehicle; and the plug-in hybrid version getting an estimated 25-29 miles on battery only with the potential of getting a strong miles per gallon equivalent rating.

The Ioniq Plug-in Hybrid is slated to come out this fall.

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