Hyundai America CEO Says EPA, Consumer Reports The Best At Fuel Economy Testing

Despite Hyundai coming under fire from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for inaccurate fuel economy labels on some of its cars, Hyundai America CEO, John Krafcik says the EPA is one of two credible sources for fuel economy information.

Which is the other reliable source for vehicle fuel efficiency testing according to Krafcik? Consumer Reports.

“They’re damn good. No one is better in the industry,” Krafcik recently told Automobile magazine. The auto enthusiast publication says that Hyundai recently compared EPA and Consumer Reports fuel economy figures for every automotive brand.

The CEO said that with the exception of Honda, no other major automaker “had a better correlation between the EPA combined and Consumer Reports combined” than Hyundai.

In the same interview Krafcik also said that Hyundai is committed to becoming the first mass-producer of a fuel-cell car. The chief executive was so bold as to say that fuel cell technology is “more viable than EV over the long term,” and that electric vehicles seem like a “stepping stone” to fuel cell cars.

In 2012 Hyundai announced from London that it expected to roll out the fuel cell variant of the brand’s compact crossover, the Tucson, by later that year. Motor Trend is confirming previous projections by Hyundai’s European arm that it’s projecting sales of 1,000 fuel cell Tucsons, but now for 2015, and primarily for corporate fleets in the European market.

After 2015, it will be made available for private buyers, at a projected $52,000, according to Motor Trend.


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