Hybrids Top Japan’s Best-Selling Car List

More than one fifth of new passenger cars sold in Japan are hybrids. For the second month in a row, hybrid sales exceeded the 20 percent mark, data released by the Japan Automobile Dealer Association (see table) show. Two companies profit most from this new hybrid boom.

At Honda, sales were up 38 percent for the Fit and 89 percent for the Freed. Hybrid versions are said to be 60 percent of Fit sales and more than 40 percent of Freed sales.

Hybrids are especially important for Toyota, where they now amount to nearly half of Toyota’s sales in Japan, says The Nikkei [sub]. For the ninth month running, the Prius is the best-selling car in Japan. February sales of the Prius rose nearly 88 percent compared to February 2011. Its smaller brother, the Aqua compact hybrid (sold in the U.S. as Prius C,) is fourth on the list with 21,951 units sold. Toyota had originally planned for 12,000 Aqua/Prius C a month, and is unable to keep up with the demand. A customer who places an order now will get it around August this year.

Tomorrow, I will be at Toyota’s Iwate plant, in Japan’s tsunami-ravaged North. Here, they make the Aqua / Prius C. I will try to check what the holdup is. Expect the report on Saturday.

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  • usbseawolf2000

    With a few thousand (USD equivalent) incentive, hybrid take rate for Toyota and Honda become 50%.

    This is something other countries should take note as a lesson to cut the most petroleum consumption with the least amount of money.

  • Capt. Concernicus

    What? No Ford Fusion hybrid? No Chevy Volt? What kind of hybrid market is this? lol!

    I wish people here in the U.S. had the same views of hybrids as the Japanese people do.

  • alex777

    Where is Honda Civic Hybrid, Insight and CR-Z? Where is Camry 2012? It’s very intresting? What to say about Fusion and espcially about Volt (clumsy American Hybrid of $ 40K in the country of the manufacturer). Where Nissan Leaf? 🙁

  • Max Reid

    Awesome news, Hybrids capturing 20% market share.
    So why not Honda bring the Fit & Freed Hybrids to USA.
    Are they doing some foul play with just Insight, CRZ and Civic-H.

    Watch this video of Yo-Mobil Tribrid.

  • The anonymous


    There’s no Civic hybrid (2012 model) on sale in Japan, yet.

  • jones22

    I think this is so amazing that they are producing so many hybrid cars here., This is so good to see for the future. The demand is definitely here. marine electronics

  • abdul mateen

    i, personally use toyota pirus very economical car and advertize in
    pakistani nation is now going to popular in pakistan.thanks for toyota company to safe the life against the palution