Hybrids Represent 8.8 percent Total Sales For Toyota Canada

Toyota Canada Inc.’s (TCI) sales momentum continued in September with 16,834 Toyota, Lexus and Scion passenger cars, SUVs and trucks – up 21.9 percent from the same month in 2011.

Most of all, TCI’s hybrid vehicles continued to set a September sales record with 1,480 units sold. Hybrid sales accounted for 8.8 percent of TCI’s total sales for the month and 44.8 percent of intermediate car sales.

The Toyota Camry remained #1 in the intermediate segment. The following is a breakdown of Toyota and Lexus hybrid sales in Canada:

Toyota hybrid sales: 1,202 (up 390.6 percent)

• Prius family sales: 775 (up 881 percent)

• Highlander Hybrid sales: 112 (up 211.1 percent)

• Camry Hybrid sales: 315 (up 142.3 percent)

• Intermediate hybrid sales: 952 (up 355.5 percent)

Lexus hybrid sales: 278 (up 36.3 percent)

• Hybrid models accounted for 17.9 percent of Lexus sales in September. No breakdown by model provided.

By comparison, in the U.S., the Toyota division posted September sales of 23,110 hybrids, while the Lexus division reported sales of 3,637 hybrids for the month, for a total of 26,747 hybrid vehicle sales. These hybrid sales represent roughly 15 percent of the 171,910 total units Toyota and Lexus sold in September.

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    And this take rate should get even larger with the new Avalon hybrid in December.