For many hybrid owners, the full-sized pickup truck represents all that is wrong with the American vehicle: big, overpowered, and thirsty for fuel. But the reality is that pickups are immensely popular—mostly because many Americans need the hard-working hauling and towing capacities of a hybrid truck. An entirely new generation of hybrid trucks is in the works. Version 2.0 of the Chevrolet Silverado Hybrid and GMC Sierra Hybrid hit showrooms as 2009 models. The two-mode hybrid system going into trucks increases fuel economy by 25 percent to 18 in the city and 20 highway—far from Prius territory, but respectable for a three-ton truck with a 6.0L V8 powerplant under the hood. Dodge Ram Hybrid will use the same two-mode powertrain as the GM trucks, and is expected to get roughly the same fuel economy. And recently, auto companies have begun exploring the potential for a “lifestyle” pickup: a smaller, more fuel efficient unibody hybrid truck that offers a car-like ride combined with modest towing and hauling capabilities.

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