Hybrid SUV Concept To Adorn Lexus’ Frankfurt Stand

Lexus will be unveiling a new compact crossover hybrid concept, the LF-NX, at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA).

Lexus explained that this concept explores the potential for a compact crossover within the Lexus model range.

This LF-NX concept is powered by a new variant of the Lexus Hybrid Drive system tuned for SUV performance while the concept’s exterior design reflects, per Lexus, a further evolution of the company’s L-finesse design language.

As can be seen in picture, the front is dominated by a strong interpretation of the Lexus spindle grille and in Lexus’ words, extremely expressive signature front lighting with independent Daytime Running Lights (DRL), and unique corner styling which separates the bumper from the front wing with an aggressive vertical cut.

Lexus also describes the profile of this SUV concept as being shod with “muscular wheel arches trimmed with the black protective finish which typifies an urban crossover.”

Lexus_Hybrid_LFNX_Concept_RearqThe rear features highly articulated lamp clusters. They are detailed to project downwards to the full depth of the bumper, creating a sharp, aerodynamic trailing edge to the vehicle which mirrors the front wing detailing.

The Lexus LF-NX concept is finished in a new Brushed Metal Silver exterior color; Lexus said the goal of this color is to give the striking impression that the bodyshell has been carved from a single billet of solid metal.

Still per Lexus, the interior mirrors the LF-NX’s highly sculpted exterior with bold, powerful forms creating a driver-focused cockpit within an ergonomically ideal environment.

Of course, this concept  integrates next generation technology, including touch-sensitive electrostatic switches, and a new touch pad Remote Touch Interface (RTI) design.

While describing at length the look of this hybrid concept SUV, Lexus was mum on any technical details relating to the chosen hybrid powertrain. The words used by Lexus, “new variant of the Lexus Hybrid Drive system tuned for SUV performance,” does not guide us much. Guess we’ll have to wait a little less than a week until the reveal in Frankfurt.


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