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    Survey Shows Consumers Want More Plug-in Electrified Vehicle Choices

    Data mined from a consumer survey yielded several take-away points regarding the upside potential of plug-in electrified vehicles (PEVs). The survey, conducted from April 1 to April 8 by Consumers Union and the Union of Concerned Scientists, was directed at 1,213 licensed and active drivers in nine states in the Northeast, deemed under-served with PEVs, […]

    Carmakers, Market & Fleets

    Tensions Expected to Follow Release of Federal Fuel Economy Report

    Automakers and U.S. environment regulators may begin clashing over the “54.5 mpg” fuel economy target. Federal regulators will soon be releasing a review of future mileage targets, with tougher standards scheduled to take effect in six years. It could spark more debate over U.S. car buyers’ willingness to pay for emissions-cutting technology such as plug-in electric […]

    Carmakers, Market & Fleets

    Toyota Sells Nine-Millionth Hybrid

    Yesterday Toyota announced that its cumulative global hybrid sales through April tallied to 9.014 million. The latest million took just nine months, and counted Lexus and Toyota vehicles from all markets dating back to the August 1997 Japanese launch of the original Prius. With the news, the carmaker observes its combined effect on saving fuel […]

    Hybrid Car News

    Tesla Owner Sues Over Model X Doors But Still Happy with Roadster and Model S

    A Tesla fan has taken the electric carmaker to court in California due to allegedly malfunctioning Model X features and finishes that haven’t been repairable by the company. Plaintiff Barrett Lyons has been happy with his Roadster and Model S, but has found problems with his $162,000 Tesla Model X to be unacceptable. The wing […]

    Google is Opening a Self-Driving Technology Department in Michigan

    Google is setting up shop in Michigan, near the Detroit Big Three. The tech giant has been working on self-driving cars and will open a self-driving technology department in Novi, Michigan. Google said that it has spent the past few years working from the Greater Detroit area and many of its current partners are based […]

    PSA Peugeot Citroen Lays out Plans for All Electric and Plug-in Hybrid Models

    PSA Peugeot Citroen will be rolling out two platforms with vehicles in 2019 powered by gasoline, diesel, plug-in hybrid, and battery-electric powertrains. Both of the two new global platforms will first appear in DS luxury models. PSA Group will at first be rolling out an all-electric luxury model that can drive 279 miles per charge […]

    Apple Quietly Seeks Help With Electric Vehicle Charging

    If indicators are correct, Apple is mining for intellectual property and knowhow to create its own electric car charging network. According to Reuters, charging industry players have been queried by Apple in its attempt to get a leg up on potentially charging electric cars it intends to introduce. As has been the case so far, […]

    Almost Every GM Model Will Have Stop-Start By 2020

    Nearly every model in General Motors‘ lineup will have start-stop technology by 2020. The American automaker’s goal is to have at least one powertrain combination available with start-stop technology on nearly every GM light vehicle produced globally by the end of the decade. Start-stop is a fuel-saving feature that automatically turns off the engine when […]