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  • Janito J. Ubal

    Dear Sir,

    I am just Overseas Filipino Workers from Philippines and very keen studying these Hybrid System. I am very interested to have this Toyota Prius to start my own business. Please give advise or help in order to get even one unit to earn a living. Please be inform that I am 21 years working in Saudi Arabia & away from family for so long, am getting old. For this reason I must to have savings to purchase this Toyota Hybrid car to earn a living of my own in my home. I need your best idea in assisting me this best choice to have one and if posible we try to establish business, upon agreement. in my country, Philippines,thus, to promote these Hybrid products which shall be a big hit if properly manage. In other words, I want to make business with you. For your information I am basically Sr. Mechanical Engineer in which you can have trust & faithfully obey the roles of agreement if ever if realized. Trust me & let’s give a try for business success.

    Kind regards.


    Janito J. Ubal
    Mobile: +966 5 02553318