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  • gas-cap

    Run your car on water. Turn your car into a hybrid. save more money on gasoline. Release cleaner emissions into the atmosphere. It is easier than you think! Is It Possible To Run Your Car On Water? Look at the new water Power technology.

  • betterway

    I enjoy the forum’s comments, and I would like to add, claims that “human release of greenhouse gases is damaging our climate.” I think these claims have merit. Well how can we help reduce green house gases. One way is to release cleaner emissions into the atmosphere. Just think if you only needed gasoline and water to run your present auto. Will save on gas & cleaner emissions for the environment, with new water
    power technology ITS EASIER THAN YOU THINK.


  • ms waterfuel

    I enjoy the comments on this topic. How would you like to turn your used car into a hybrid. Just think, all you need is gas and water to run your present auto. You would save lots of gas and get cleaner emissions for the environment. With new water power technology, CHECK IT OUT.

  • gasgeek

    Great comments made by the forum, and I would like to add.
    that people do, use, in their hybrids “Flex-fuel” which means that the car can run any blend up to 85% ethanol as well as regular gasoline. Wouldn’t it be an even better idea to turn your present auto into a hybrid. There by saving thousands of dollars on a new car payment.