Honda’s Futuristic Fuel Cell Concept Slated For Detroit

Honda announced its fuel cell sedan will make its North American debut at the 2015 North American International Auto Show on Jan. 12.

Named FCV Concept, Honda explained the car showcases the styling evolution of its next production fuel-cell car to follow its present FCX Clarity. It’s anticipated to launch in the U.S. after introduction in Japan, scheduled to occur by March 2016.

The Honda FCV Concept is said to feature a low and wide aerodynamic body with clean character lines. The interior strives to achieve harmony between man and machine by taking advantage of new powertrain packaging efficiencies delivering improved passenger space over the Honda FCX Clarity fuel cell vehicle, including seating for up to five people.

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Toyota’s new Mirai, by contrast, is a four passenger car that’s launched this week in Japan, and is due in the U.S. next fall.

Honda added the FCV Concept made its world debut in Japan on Nov. 17, 2014, followed by an announcement that Honda will provide FirstElement Fuel with $13.8 million in financial assistance to build additional hydrogen refueling stations throughout the state of California in an effort to support the wider introduction of fuel-cell vehicles.

Honda is not a stranger to fuel cell technology. The original FCX became the first EPA- and CARB-certified fuel-cell vehicle in July 2002. The FCX also was the world’s first production fuel-cell vehicle, introduced to the U.S. and Japan in December 2002.

Here are a few other fuel cell milestones linked to the Honda FCX:

  • The Honda FCX was the first fuel-cell vehicle to start and operate in sub-freezing temperatures (2003).
  • The FCX was the first fuel-cell vehicle leased to an individual customer (July 2005).
  • With the FCX Clarity, Honda was the first manufacturer to build and produce a dedicated fuel-cell vehicle on a production line specifically made for fuel-cell vehicles (2008).
  • Honda was the first manufacturer to create a fuel-cell vehicle dealer network (2008).

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