Honda Worldwide Hybrid Sales Reach 1 Million Units

Honda has announced that its cumulative worldwide sales of hybrid vehicles broke the one million mark at the end of September 2012.

This milestone was reached almost 13 years after sales began of the first generation Honda Insight in Japan in November 1999.

The company says the first generation Insight achieved fuel economy of 35km/liter (82.33 U.S. mpg) which was considered the world’s highest fuel economy among all mass-production petrol-powered vehicles at the time.

Hybrid is an essential step from the internal combustion engine towards full electric vehicles and Honda believe this technology will play an increasingly important role. Building on the unique features of its original lightweight and compact IMA (Integrated Motor Assist) hybrid system, Honda has been enhancing its hybrid vehicle lineup and currently sells 8 hybrid models in approximately 50 countries around the world.

Honda is developing its hybrid technologies to meet differing customer demands. By further advancing its current one-motor IMA hybrid system Honda will aim to achieve number one fuel economy among all hybrid vehicles.

In addition, Honda will introduce a new two-motor hybrid system for mid-size models and an efficient, high-output three-motor hybrid system, the Sport Hybrid SH-AWD (Super Handling All Wheel Drive). Honda says this system will deliver both superior handling and excellent fuel economy.

The Sport Hybrid SH-AWD system will first be applied to the new NSX.

Under the global environmental slogan of ‘Blue Skies for Our Children,’ Honda intends to continue its efforts to develop and sell hybrid vehicles in an aim to realize a low carbon society.

History of Honda’s Hybrid Models:

Year: Month; Model introduced to the market; Honda’s cumulative worldwide hybrid vehicle sales

1999: November: First generation Insight

2001: December: Civic Hybrid

2004: December: Accord Hybrid (North America only)

2005: April: 100,000 units

2007: May: 200,000 units

2009: February: Second generation Insight August: 400,000 units

2010: February: CR-Z October: Fit Hybrid December: 600,000 units

2011: June: Fit Shuttle Hybrid (Japan only); October: Freed Hybrid (Japan only); Freed Spike Hybrid (Japan only); December: 800,000 units

2012:May: Acura ILX Hybrid (USA, Canada only); September: 1,000,000 units

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