Honda Civic Concept Hints At 10th Gen – Will Hybrid Be Just As Screaming Green?

Honda was expected to make a mystery announcement at the New York International Auto Show today, and that it did when it revealed a “concept” version of what the 10th generation Civic lineup should look like.

While adorned in a resplendent green hue so it pops for the pictures, still a mystery is a “green” hybrid variant.

Since 2000 Honda has brandished its Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) mild hybrid system which while effective enough has proven less so than the Prius launched that same year as well, and which has long since eclipsed Honda in the sales arena.


What is known of the new Civic to be launched this fall is a turbocharged 1.5-liter VTEC with six-speed or CVT will be offered. A new platform has been developed and safety is expected to be increased as well.

Body styles will include a coupe, sedan, Si, and returning is expected to be a hatchback.

This is an important announcement for Honda, which has sold over 20 million Civics since the 1970s but as for the hybrid unknown is whether it might transplant one of its more-effective full hybrid systems under the hood.

In Japan, the Honda Fit Hybrid nets slightly better rated fuel mileage than a Japan-market Prius c labeled the Aqua. But Honda has said the one-motor hybrid system in that car may not make it to U.S. variants.

Instead perhaps a two-motor version such as launched in the 2014 Accord Hybrid could be a better fit, it’s been suggested.

It’s not unusual to see hybrid variants lag conventional counterparts, but alternative energy watchers may want to keep apprised of what Honda will do as it prepares to launch the new Civic – not in this green color and how “green” it will be remains to be seen.

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