Honda Accord Named Green Car of the Year

The Honda Accord has been named “Green Car of the Year” at the LA Auto show for the second time in three years.

Not to be confused with the stellar 50mpg (city) Accord Hybrid or 115 MPGe Accord PHEV, this speaks of the entire lineup of midsized sedans that includes a V6 powertrain and passes by other contenders that have a lower carbon footprint and better mileage.

The award, bestowed yesterday morning, was established by Green Car Journal and has the intent of recognizing low-emitting, high-mpg tech, and getting the word to the buying public.

One central criterion needed to win it was it has to be “very approachable” said Green Car Journal Publisher Ron Cogan which means mainstream sales volume.

The honor was granted by jurors including “Tonight Show” host and car maven Jay Leno and Jean-Michel Cousteau factored traditional criteria including drivability.

Need to be closer to the $31,000 average new car price ruled out cars like the Tesla Model S that starts at just over $71,000, and the Nissan Leaf, Chevy Volt, and other super-efficient vehicles do not do the volume.

American Honda Motors’ marketing chief said the award signifies “we’re moving in the right direction,” and it will shed more light on its hybrid Accord models.

“This will help us sell more cars,” he said.

Not that it doesn’t sell more already; if being mainstream was a prerequisite, the Accord does qualify and Honda says it is the model with the highest retail sales volume in the U.S.

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