GreenMan Technologies Becomes American Power Group Corporation

Dual fuel conversion company GreenMan Technologies, Inc. announced today that effective August 1, 2012, the Company has changed its name to “American Power Group Corporation.”

All future business activity will be undertaken using the new name.

Effective today, Tuesday August 7, 2012, the Company’s common shares will begin trading under its new ticker symbol “APGI.”

The name change is a reflection of the company’s refined and enhanced business strategy which began with its acquisition of American Power Group, Inc. (APG) in 2009 and its focus on providing a cost-effective patented Turbocharged Natural Gas conversion technology for aftermarket vehicular and stationary diesel engines and diesel generators.

The shareholders of the Company approved the name change at the annual meeting held July 23, 2012.

American Power Group, Inc., provides a patented Turbocharged Natural Gas conversion technology for aftermarket vehicular, stationary and off road mobile diesel engines, as shown in the schematic used as a picture to this article.

American Power Group’s dual fuel technology is a unique non-invasive energy enhancement system that converts existing diesel engines into more efficient and environmentally friendly engines that have the flexibility to run on:

• diesel fuel and liquefied natural gas

• diesel fuel and compressed natural gas

• diesel fuel and pipeline or well-head gas

• diesel fuel and bio-methane

All these options offer the flexibility to return to 100-percent diesel fuel operation at any time.

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