Green Cars Showcased In Sacramento At Green California Summit and Exposition

Sacramento will be the host of hybrid cars, EVs and many new green technologies as the Green California Summit and Exposition takes hold of the Californian city.

On Thursday and Friday, State and Consumer Services Agency Secretary, Anna Caballero, will participate as co-chair of the 7th annual Green California Summit and Exposition at Sacramento’s Convention Center.

Caballero oversees the Building Standards Commission and Department of General Services, two departments heavily involved in green building codes and technology innovation.

“California’s environmental policies and programs are setting the pace for efforts around the U.S. and the world,” said State and Consumer Services Agency Secretary, Anna Caballero. “If you want to know what’s new, what’s working, and what’s coming, you can’t miss the Green California Summit.”

The organizers said this year’s summit expo features a number of green products and services. The public can get a hands-on look at the latest hybrid or zero-emission vehicles, new building materials, energy efficient lighting, and technologies for onsite power generation.

In addition, for the first time this year, the public can also test drive the latest electric vehicles.

Keynote speakers Jane Long, chair of the California Council on Science and Technology’s “California’s Energy Future” project and Greg Kats, an internationally recognized innovator in energy efficiency, renewable energy, green buildings and the transition to a low-carbon economy, will demonstrate how sustainability and green technology can go hand in hand with human and economic prosperity.

According to the organizers, California continues to set the pace for green policy, practice, and economic opportunity. In 2011 California set aggressive renewable energy goals requiring that one third of the state’s electricity come from renewable sources. In addition, the state has implemented the first ever carbon-credit auction, and mandated for 1.5 million zero-emission vehicles on its roadways by 2025.

The Green California Summit and Expo, held at the Sacramento Convention Centre is open to the public and is held this week, Thursday April 18th and Friday April 19th.

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