GM’s Maven Car-Sharing Service Adds Bolt EVs in LA

For those of you who haven’t heard of Maven, it’s a car-sharing app that’s owned by General Motors.

And in a neat bit of corporate synergy, GM is adding its new Chevrolet Bolt EV to the fleet, at least in Los Angeles.

The Bolt has a promised range of 238 miles and has now been on sale for three months. GM plans to add more than 100 of them to the Los Angeles fleet, according to a press release.

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Maven has been in existence for 13 months and counts 24,000 members in 17 cities across the U.S. and Canada.

GM says that Maven members have amassed over 78 million miles traveled through 28,000 trips. The automaker also says that the average trip length is 12 hours and 121 miles – meaning that users are likely booking a car for a full day to run errands or commute to work – or both.

The City of Los Angeles said in a statement that it wants “to evolve mobility and provide easier, more sustainable and more convenient options for Angelenos to navigate the city.”

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Maven rolled out in the city in October and has grown over 50 percent per month since then.

Ride-sharing service Lyft is offering its L.A.-area drivers the chance to rent Bolts via the Lyft Express Drive program – which allows drivers to rent GM vehicles by the week to use as Lyft vehicles. GM has a stake in Lyft.

Adding the Bolt to the fleet will give Angelinos who might not otherwise consider an EV a chance to get exposure to the Bolt, so while Maven and GM’s stake in Lyft may be attempts by the company to explore non-traditional automotive markets, there may be a benefit to the core business, as well.

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