GM Securing ‘CrossVolt’ Trademark Possibly For Future Plug-in

Although GM has been said to be playing a cool hand and withholding advance billing of specific variant models of its one and only extended-range EV the Volt, the company has said and shown it is busy behind the scenes.

Aside from the up-market 2014 Cadillac ELR yet pending, it’s been anyone’s guess what could be next, but there have been clues. Last year the company copyrighted the “Elektra” moniker of classic Buick fame prompting a spate of speculation, and more recently, it has been going through the steps needed to secure rights for the CrossVolt trademark name.

With the name “Volt” in it, and with GM having already shown in 2010 the five-seater MPV5 crossover vehicle, the rumor mill is putting the pieces together that this could be portents of a future offering.

According to GM Authority, the CrossVolt trademark was filed first in April 11, 2011 – no, not April first – and, no fooling, the United States Patent and Trademark Office has since bestowed a second extension for the name without an announced car to go with it.

This is a positive sign, but nothing definitive to be sure. We shall see whether an actual CrossVolt comes along, as many electrified vehicle fans have been asking GM for, but in the mean time, patience is the watchword.

GM Authority via AutoGuide

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