GM Pulling Back on Volt

March 23, 2007: The Detroit News—GM Tries to Unplug Volt Hype

Tantalizing glimpses like this may be all we ever see of GM’s experiment with series hybrid powertrains.

Summary: Cynics said it was vaporware while idealists added their names to waiting lists; some realists did both.

"Production depends on advances in battery technology that could be years away. The uncertainty led to intense debate within GM over whether it was wise to show the Volt in Detroit. And now that the world’s waiting for GM to deliver what could be the biggest environmental breakthrough so far this century, company officials are actively trying to temper expectations.

"The enormity of GM’s challenge was evident last week when it called journalists to a backgrounder to explain the technological hurdles facing the Volt project — and reiterate that it can’t guarantee the futuristic car will ever hit the road."

It looks like the cynics win this round. But GM insists that it’s still trying, even if it is toning down its earlier grandiose gestures.


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  • Larry

    Even on here -The Lithium Ion batteries are available now..
    Therefore , G.M. get off your butt’s and get it going…

  • Mike

    I knew it, just like Ford and the hybrid stunt, GM pulled another one to. “Let’s create a concept car to gain PR points” then cancel the project.

  • Rick

    :roll Focus people. I wanted an electric car fifteen years ago and it seemed we were close then.

  • John Grabber

    Is anyone really surprised!
    Go Toyota Go!
    It’s All Yours!
    Toyota is already on the front of my car!

  • John G.

    I own a Prius. No Li-Ion cells. Darn. But it works. And Prius models have worked for nearly a decade.

    It takes about 5 years to develope a product, so GM again shot itself in the foot.

    Maybe the PR “solution” is to make a few Volts, lease them so the customers can’t fix the design flaws, (remember the EV-1 Lead Acid batteries, and its inductive charger?)and then recall and crush.

    Glad I don’t own any GM stock.

  • m. allen

    The other day, the Governor of California (who wasn’t born in America) gave an interview and discussed global warming, etc.

    He was asked why he took such a big political risk and signed the greenhouse gas bill. He replied that he had to be sure California could meet it’s energy needs in the next 50 years.

    This type of repsonsible leadership is truly Un-American. None of our business or political leaders think this way. And, this is America’s Achilles Heal.

    You only need to see Toyota’s long term focus on Hybrids (vs. GM and the Volt) or the Dutch and their Sea Wall system (vs. the New Orleans Levees), to see that our short-sighted political and business leaders cause a lot of damage to our economy and standard of living.

    But, I guess our business leaders get to cash in piles of stock options, and our politicians get piles of campaign contributions which makes it all OK.

  • Ophir the israeli

    What the heck is going on with your gm? The japanese are “driving off leaving you with dust on you face” like we say in hebrew. Get real – and start making ev’s

  • Brian

    GM is so full of crap that it isn’t even funny anymore! GM just opened their mouth and now they can’t deliver on there promises. A123 Systems already have a Lithium Ion Battery system that will be deployed soon in a mass production Vehicle known as the Venture One. go to for more info and a link to A123 systems.

  • Elliot

    Really? GM didn’t really intend to mass produce the Volt? Really? Wow….I am shocked. Absolutely shocked. Who could possibly fathom that GM would do such a thing?

  • Kevin in Canada

    What a bunch of cry-babies. They did the concept car, showed what they were working on and then realized they couldn’t really make it for production yet. Big deal. I am tired of high gas prices too, so i drive a compact car with a manual transmission. All of the electric heads forget that the power comes from somewhere. In most of the world that power is from coal plants. Some is from Nuclear. Electric cars are just trading one polluter for another. You want real environmental change? disperse cities. Small self contained centers that you can walk around, or have limited powered transportation. Want to know why that will never happen? MASSIVE reduction in lifestyles. People don’t want to live the life that would really make a difference and so they make themselves feel better by driving an electric car. Hypocrites.

  • Roberto Carriero dall’Italia.

    E’ bellissima, non vedo l’ora che venga massa in commercio, anche in Italia. Tanti auguri Volt.

  • Anthony

    I think Kevin lives with Mom and Dad and is angry because they took the minivan away! Don’t worry Kevin, your written brain pattern assures you a job at GM!

  • Ryan

    I am a kid researching on GM’s history on the EV-1. The Chevy Volt sounds like another “heres a nice car, now give it back so we can crush it.”

  • Ryan

    My science teacher showed me the truth about the electric, I forgot to add this to my last statement above. THANKS MR. P.

  • Ryan H.

    Thanks Kevin!
    Everyone else: The truth hurts.

  • michael a.

    Conservatives always portray the shift to green energy as a HUGE reduction in living standards. What a bunch of crap.

    The same competitive forces that brought us coal power plants, nuclear power and SUVs that get 12 mpg, will also bring us
    Utility scale wind power, computerized energy efficiency, green buildings, utility scale solar thermal power, 45mpg hybrids, 100+mpg plug-in hybrids, and technologies we can’t even imagine yet. (Who could have foreseen the internet as it is today 25 years ago). And, all of this will COST LESS (in the long run) than our current energy system.

    All that stands in the way of this desperately needed change are the so-called “free-market” conservative whores in our government and the pimps in the fossil fuel industry that they work for. And, voters like Kevin.

  • DanMan32

    Yes, it is true that in order to run an electric car, the electricity has to be produced. But electrical energy is usually easier to manage than other forms of energy. The only thing going for liquid energy right now, mainly fossil fuels, is the density of the energy and how quickly the energy store (IE gasoline in the tank) can be replenished in the car.

    But here’s some benefits to electric vehicles: They don’t waste much energy sitting there at a traffic light or temporarily parked for a short time with the system still on. Electric motors are very efficient, especially at low speeds.

    Now it is true that much of the electricity that would be used to recharge an electric car may come from fossil fuels, but the usage of said fossil fuel would be in a central location, with more efficient energy conversion to electricity, and teh emissions better controlled. Better one huge smokestack scrubber, than thousands or millions of little smoke stacks with less adequate scrubbers. Also there’s more chance of renewable energy producing that electricity. Won’t do any good to put a windmill on a car!

  • Craig Bolon

    September 29, 2007

    If the Chevrolet Volt were driven 10,000 miles per year (about 40 miles per workday), powering it from the electrical grid instead of the gasoline pump would save about $200 per year in energy costs but emit about 925 pounds more carbon dioxide. The vehicle is estimated to cost about $5,000 to $10,000 more than a conventional gasoline powered vehicle, so the cost recovery time from using household electricity would be at least 25 years. See details at

    Powering the Chevrolet Volt from the power grid is mainly burning coal instead of gasoline. The gasoline efficiency estimated for the vehicle is more than a match for the efficiency of electrical power generation, transmission and conversion. The energy cost difference comes mainly from not paying taxes on gasoline and instead burning largely untaxed coal. When powered from the electrical grid, the Chevrolet Volt becomes a small energy cost saver and a net polluter.

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