Gas Mileage
Toyota Prius: City 48 Highway 45
Honda Civic City 40 Highway 45
Toyota Camry: City 33 Highway 34
Ford Escape (2wd): City 31 Highway 29
Ford Escape (4wd): City 28 Highway 27
Mercury Mariner: City 28 Highway 27
Toyota Highlander (2wd): City 28 Highway 25
Toyota Highlander (4wd): City 27 Highway 25
Saturn Aura Green Line: City 24 Highway 32
Saturn Vue Green Line: City 23 Highway 29
Lexus RX 400h: City 28 Highway 25
Lexus GS 450h: City 22 Highway 25

These figures represent 2008 EPA numbers, based on tests designed to better reflect real-world driving habits. As a result, fuel economy averages dropped by 5 to 10 percent compared to old testing criteria.


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