Gas and Electric Versions Of A380 SUV Shown In Istanbul

Californian ZAP Jonway, in partnership with Turkish Mermerler Automotive Co., showed gas and electric versions of its A380 SUV at the 2012 Istanbul Auto Show earlier this month.

The company says its E380 EV-5 five door electric sports utility vehicle (SUV) uses the latest technology to increase the versatility of electric vehicles (EVs) for automotive fleets with more range, speed, quality and value.

ZAP Jonway’s U.S.-China engineering team delivered an EV capable of 100-plus mile range and freeway speeds at a moderate price, while successfully completing a complex series of type approval tests in China.

The company said it expects to receive formal notification from the Chinese government on its type approval in the near future.

ZAP Jonway and Mermerler also showed the conventional gasoline version of A380 SUV, which is expected to use a locally produced engine and gearbox under EU-5 standards.

This new power train configuration still needs to undergo a series of certifications before entering the EU market.

“We are pleased to be among the few companies in the world today producing both gas and electric automobiles exhibiting in Istanbul, and also the first company in the world today to have a type approved tested EV SUV that can be offered in China and internationally,” said Alex Wang, Co-CEO of ZAP. “Our presence in this Istanbul Auto Show gives us European market publicity which would not have been possible without our local partner, the reputable Mermerler Group.”

Mermerler Automotive Co., based in Istanbul, Turkey, has been active in the automotive world since 1943. It said it is now offering six automotive brands while providing a 24-hour spare part supply guarantee nationwide.

Mermerler had been Mazda’s distributor for 26 years and in 2008 introduced Chery to the Turkish market.

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