Future Swedish EVs Will Be Saab-Branded

Who has the right to use the Saab name for its products? There has been much debate lately about this issue, even more so since the acquisition of assets of the ex-automaker by newly-formed National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS).

In recent months, there has been a constructive dialogue between the four parties linked to the Saab name – the official receiver for Saab Automobile, Saab AB, Scania and NEVS – in order to find a satisfactory solution to the brand issue. An agreement has now been met.

The main contents of the agreement are:

• NEVS has signed a license agreement with Saab AB regarding the use of the name Saab as the brand for NEVS future electric cars, which both parties are satisfied with.

• An agreement between Saab AB, Scania and NEVS has been reached on that the current brand symbol (including the griffin symbol) will not be used. Hence, this will not appear on any products or services from NEVS.

• The company which produces cars is called National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB, “NEVS”. The cars and associated products and services will be named Saab in accordance with the license agreement on using the Saab name as a brand.

• Rights and responsibilities about how to use the name and the brand Saab are, as is customary, regulated in the license agreement. The purpose is to diversify the two companies’ activities from one another, i.e. distinguish the cars from the defense and security products. The parties will both safeguard the great positive values inherent in the Saab brand.

Saab is currently used around the world as a brand name for products, services and solutions ranging from military defense to civil security.

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