Motorsport Technology Roadmap Pinpoints Hybrids & Engine Downsizing

A roadmap, which signposts the direction of future motorsport technology through to 2025, was released yesterday by the Motorsport Industry Association (MIA), for wider consultation and input.

“The successful effect, which the Automotive Council technology roadmap, has had on the UK automotive industry, over the past two years, is most impressive” said Chris Aylett, CEO of the MIA “For this Motorsport Technology Roadmap, we invite all in the business of motorsport to share their thoughts with others. By working together, our sector can deliver these ambitions more effectively and to mutual benefit.”

This initial MIA Motorsport Technology Roadmap was researched and written by leading engineering consultancy, Ricardo. It defines future motorsport development in five key areas – engine, transmission and driveline, vehicle, energy management and intelligent transportation systems. The MIA has circulated the relevant Automotive Council roadmap, written by Ricardo for the NAIGT (new automotive innovation and growth team), to demonstrate relevant technology plans for automotive, by way of comparison.

Further, the draft form of the MIA Roadmap forecasts engine downsizing/down-speeding, direct injection, advanced boosting systems and energy recovery/split cycle will grow in importance. Hybrid transmissions, energy storage, lightweight structures, telemetry, moveable aerodynamics, thermal management and waste heat recovery systems are amongst other predicted areas of development. It predicts that electrification of braking systems, enclosed cockpits and covered wheels will become important from 2014 onwards.

“The MIA has released this consultation draft of our roadmap, which Ricardo created after discussion with selected motorsport technology leaders, as a start point only,” said Aylett. “Innovation in motorsport occurs quickly. We wish to catch – at high-level, not in detail – the likely directions of technology travel, relevant to motorsport, to attract new business and funding to companies in our sector.

“This will highlight the valuable, strategic role which rule changes from motorsport governing bodies can play. They can, pro-actively, help our industry by creating technical rules, which in discussion with suppliers, encourage developments which are relevant to other sectors’ technology plans – particularly automotive. This will, in turn, attract more sponsorship and business engagement from those companies.”

Aylett continued to explain the influence and leadership role held by the MIA.

“The MIA serves its growing membership, and the wider industry, by developing strategic plans which help develop their business” said Aylett “Knowledge we gain from our diverse, international membership identifies business trends and issues well ahead of time. We attack new target markets early, gaining the first foothold such as Off-Road in the USA, and new sectors through our Motorsport to Defense, Automotive and Marine initiatives. Developing a relevant Technology Roadmap is another important strategic objective, which we have created and will lead on.

“We call for comment, observations and ideas from all engaged in the technology of the motorsport industry,” said Aylett. “All such input will make this map more robust and relevant, it is restless and will never cease to be constantly reviewed, and publicized, so all can benefit from our findings. We ask for all suggestions to be sent to”

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