Fuji Electric Began U.S. Production of EV Charging Stations

Fuji Electric Corp. of America has started U.S. production of their UL-Certified DC electric vehicle quick chargers.

The first production units shipped out of Milpitas, Calif., end of March.

The manufacturer’s 4th Generation 25-kilowatt DC Quick Charger features a slimmer design than previous versions, making it, according to Fuji, an ideal choice for a wide variety of commercial applications.

“Since entering the U.S. EV market in March 2012, we have been working diligently to begin local production of our DC Quick Chargers in order to better serve our customers,” said Larry Butkovich, Fuji Electric’s general manager of EV Systems. “We are now able to offer faster delivery on orders, and respond to evolving market demands and design requirements with greater ease.”

The DC Quick Charger is built to the CHAdeMO specification and is said by Fuji to allow EV owners to charge their electric vehicles in under an hour.

“By using our core technology in the design of our EV charging stations, we were able to leverage our power electronics expertise to guarantee the product will meet Fuji Electric’s quality standards,” said Phil Charatz, president and CEO of Fuji Electric America.  “Bringing production to the U.S. is an important milestone for us, and it reinforces our commitment to the EV industry for many years to come.”

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