Fuel Cell B-Class Now Rolling In California

The emissions-free B-Class F-CELL is now rolling in California. Actress Diane Kruger is one of more than 35 environmental enthusiasts and early adopters to drive the fuel cell-powered vehicle.

This electric vehicle with fuel cells from Mercedes-Benz generates electricity on board in a chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen. With a range of around 245 miles and short refueling times, the B-Class F CELL combines locally emissions-free mobility with suitability for long journeys.

The vehicle produces no emissions, but only pure water.

“I’m excited to be driving the F-CELL. It’s environmentally conscious, fun to drive and gets lots of attention on the streets”, says Diane Kruger. “I can travel around 245 miles on a full tank and it’s easy to refuel.” The B-Class F-CELL fuel tank can be filled in just three minutes. It develops 136 hp, with fuel consumption equivalent to just 71.27 mpg (3.3 liters per 100 kilometers).

As well as the B-Class F-CELL, Mercedes-Benz has a selection of other vehicles with alternative drive systems, ranging from clean BlueTEC diesel models to hybrid vehicles such as the S 400 HYBRID, the vehicle of choice for Hollywood’s film makers and acting community. The S 400 HYBRID features a convenient start/stop function, which switches off the petrol engine if the car slows to below 15 km/h, for example when stopping at traffic lights. Furthermore, in 2012, Mercedes-Benz will launch the E 300 BlueTEC HYBRID on the European market, and the E 400 HYBRID on the American market

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  • Tony Tan

    245 miles is impressive. Are they selling it to public and how much does it cost. There is a plenty of Natgas from which the Hydrogen can be extracted. Also by using heat and electricity from thermal power plants, Hydrogen can be produced efficiently.

  • FamilyGuy

    The key is the three minute refuel at the hydrogen station, not 3-4 hours in your garage.

  • Party McAnimal

    Now we are talking!!!! Get rid of the dumb limited range cars and start adopting these extended range vehicles that do NOT, will NOT give an owner range anxiety. Re-fuels in 3 minutes? WOW!!! Where do I get one of these. Break out the Tequila…It’s time to party!!!!

  • jeff x williams

    Why are we not taking $1billion from the $500billion we spend on oil wars and get this going? Want JOBS??? here it is and at the same time watch oil drop in price and bring our kids back so they don’t have to SECURE some middle eastern oil field in some middle eastern country??? WHERE IS THE LEADERSHIP?



  • jeff x williams

    I would pay $60k for one TODAY!

  • MrEnergyCzar

    Cracking and making the hydrogen is a net energy loser….better to take the original energy source (nat gas or electricity) and have it directly power the vehicle… don’t the activists know this? Odd.


  • Modern Marvel Fan

    The problem with hydrogen is that some idiot right next to me will set off one of those cars during refueling and blow the entire gas station into space…

    I don’t think it will EVER be safe enough for the dumb public. Also, if Hydrogen is derived from other fossil fuel, then it is pointless…

  • David

    Moder Marvel Fan, your worries are unfounded. After all, today’s gas stations leave puddles of flammable liquid on the ground for a while when “some idiot” next to you does something stupid. Hydrogen disspates quickly even if the nozzle WERE to fail.

  • No more H2 BS

    “…and it’s easy to refuel.”

    Actually it’s almost impossible to refuel. There is no hydrogen distribution infrastructure and moreover there is no hydrogen either (in free form) on Earth. Making hydrogen from water or hydrocarbons cause massive energy losses, astronomic prices and in the current energy crysis situation it’s a non starter what’s more one of the dumbest idea ever heard.
    Hydrogen has been dead as a transportation fuel for more than 46 years now. Forget it once and for all.

  • energy idiot

    electricity is hardly an original energy source, if you have solar panels or windmills you dont need to crack hydrogen, some fuel cells made by ballard run on natural gas. that should address some of your concerns

  • Max Reid
  • Bevo

    I think the experience to date suggests Hydrogen is safer than gasoline. Both are hazardous but it is helpful to know that Hygrogen would like to escape from you twice as fast as Helium.

    In 2008, I had three months experience with a GM fuel cell vehicle. It took about a week to get comfortable and it felt very normal, especially toward the end of those three months.

    Hydrogen is most-economically obtained via steam reformation of natural gas, which is not at all pointless. It is also sourced from water via electolysis and from sewage. Wind does blow at night when demand for electricity is low. This excess energy could be converted to Hydrogen.