Freeway to November
Freeway to November

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  • conor

    I like the price after the finish line :zzz

  • carlos

    Its all about political crap, they using the gas prices to lead us to vote for republicans..but nice pic after all hehehe!! 8)

  • Tony

    get a grip. Is Art Bell your hero too? :zzz

  • Indigo

    they don’t call the GOP the Grand Oil Party for nothing!

  • escaladehybrid

    Another example of why america is screwed.

  • Richard

    I hope they are right, 60% of my stocks are in oil, alt energy, and drillers.
    Of course they are wrong, but only 5% of the public knows anything indepth about economics so what do you expect. :zzz

  • Trish

    Wouldn’t it be interesting to see a graph for the last 30 years showing times when Repubs were in power and plotting oil prices in relation to elections?

  • truthseeker

    Just to remind people: In an interview on CBS’s “60 Minutes” April 2004, Bob Woodward said that Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador to the United States, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, promised President Bush that the Saudis would cut oil prices before November to ensure the American economy is strong on election day. Bandar also allegedly implied that they understood this move would support Bush’s re-election.

  • bucktrust

    Big Oil has way more control over the price of gas than just what supply & demand dictate. It is a carefully controled and manipulated product. We’ll all see $4.00+ per gallon in the not too distant future. Just wait…

  • econguy

    I am saddened to see such economic illiteracy at this site in the cartoon and the comments. Hopefully the engineers and execs at Toyota and rational investors in financial markets will overlook this pathetic display. Personally, my attraction to hydrid tech and related development has been shaken. I don’t want to associate with the ilk that said wind power made sense 30 years ago and solar was competitive on a cost comparative basis 15 years ago. I’ll stick with equity research groups and others that still have a grip.

  • Richard

    OMG, you expected rational inteligent discourse on a hybrid blog. As someone who’s been around them for a year or two; I come purely for the turbo-lib ufo believes spin on the economy and song of oil manipulation. Better than the comedy channel.

  • Mike

    The party out of power always uses high gas prices against the party in power. (It doesn’t matter which party is in power and which party is out of power.)

    Any politician who uses high gas prices in a campaign ad is helping to keep us dependent on oil.

    High gas prices will drive people toward alternatives.

    High gas prices are a good thing.

  • Steve Dymond

    we middle class and lower class americans are in for a shock if the GOP keeps power. Someday the truth will come out and we will see there are only a few that control all.

  • John C

    No Way, Did anybody think about Hurrican Katrina, lack of refineries, China? I didn’t think so. It’s called supply and demand economics 101. I jsut hope the Dems don’t take power, add about $.25 to a gallon just in taxes.

  • GOD

    Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!
    Unbelievable what you people think is true. No wonder we have so much power over ALL of you.
    Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!

    Just hope your kids will be as dumb then MY kids will be AS rich as me!!!


  • Willard Plageman

    It is amazing how our freedom of speach ;allows people who are or want to be in power ; to feed us the crap . What is more amazing is how much the media pushes it and how many believe it

  • KIKI

    Of course, prices are manipulated. If you want to know the actual price for gas, go to Europe where it’s $8 for gallon. God, some people still live in the cloud nine.

  • Mr. Product

    Although local and Federal taxes, the marketplace and geographic location control *some* of the amount we pay for gasoline, the lion’s share of the cost is set by the value of crude oil which is in almost exclusively the hands of the OPEC countries. By releasing reserves, Bush-friendly Saudi Arabia for example can freely dictate the cost of at least 25% of that supply.

  • Carl

    And then why did OPEC vote to reduce their output last month? Right! – To raise prices and get more $ per barrel – not reduce prices to support Bush. Apparently folks on this site do not follow the reality of world oil prices, politics, or basic supply and demand. It is so much easier to cling to conspiracy theories than to try to actually learn something about real world economics.

  • Rabbits Against Magic

    Actually OPEC cut production by 1.2 million barrels per day in order to arrest the sliding value of their profits so it’s a win-win situation for Bush and his oil buddies. There are many factors that make the price of gas (current factors include the end of summer driving season, lack of hurricane activity in oil producing regions, political situations in Iran and North Korea, etc.) but OPEC oil reserves are the only short term control that can manipulate prices and undeniably wields to political influence.

  • Chimp Racer

    The reality is that prices went low enough to achieve the political objectives of those with the connections to do so. Whatever the reason for the drop, this is worth discussion. This is an important and complex issue. Let’s get behind hybrid technology, question the blind ideology and leave the personal and partisan attacks out of this.

  • Angelo

    I feel that the possiblity is there, >POSSIBLE< certainly any politican will do and say anything to get re-elected into office and of course as we have seen in the past, once in office they do not keep their promise.
    Also we must also remember that the auto industry is holding back on building a car capable of running 100 MPG. We certainly need to cut our dependency on oil; yet people like econguy would rather want us to remain dependen on oil. 🙁

  • New Mexico Car

    Some of you have said that if the GOP stay in leadership then price will increase. That is not necessary true, only since it doesnt matter which party is in control. The Republicans or Democrats will allow the oil prices to go up. The reason each of them get kick backs from the oil companies. The only way to change this is to cut back the gas usage our selves.

  • Richard

    these turbo-libs are comical, bet there’s not a business degree umong them. A lot of belief in UFO’s, controlled prices etc.
    Oh yeah, it’s somebody else’s fault there not rich.

  • Bob

    Richard – You like to throw out the term “turbo-liberal” and accuse them of being clueless. If you are so informed and knowledeable, then why don’t you give a full explanation of why it would be entirely impossible for prices to be manipulated rather than spewing your vitriol. Share your wisdom for everyone’s benefit. Thanks in advance.

  • Jim Harlan

    People who get rich cannot be morons. If the price of gas has been a big political problem then, of course, they know that the price of gas must go down before this particular election to woo voters. Would we have invaded Iraq if it was not an oil producing country?

  • Richard

    Bob, put down your national enquirer and I’ll explain it too you. If we the oil companies could control the price of gas why would we have suffered for 20 yrs before we dicided to bleed you Jane. Jane you ignorat ****.
    further the hurricanes are more proof of the supply and demand market that works for every product. Less supply equals higher price. Oil back on line equals lower price. Class is dismissed,

  • Chimp Racer

    Maybe one day we will learn exactly who was sitting on that Cheney Energy Task Force meeting back in 2000. Seems like whoever may have been in that room may be able to answer any questions about price manipulation. For some reason the governement *really* doesn’t want us to know.

  • Richard

    educated people know

  • Daisy

    Richard, how could you possibly know that? You claim to be “educated” like that makes your arguments more valid yet you can’t spell simple words like “among”, “decided” and “ignorant” when you try and deride others.

  • Chimp Racer

    According to a report by AAA, California’s average for a gallon of regular has risen about 3 cents since the start of the week, hitting $2.43 with San Francisco residents paying 5 cents more per gallon.

  • jesse garon

    surprise surprise…. election is over and oil prices are going up again just like the economic forecast is going down.

  • Consummate Skeptic

    All those who “knew” that gas prices were going to go up should have placed their money where there mouths were. They could have bought oil company stocks or played in the options market. I also thought that prices were going to keep going up because consumer demand seemed to be inelastic. As prices went up, people would complain about that prices but mostly not take do much of anything to reduce their consumption. Fortunately, I did not “know” prices were going up so I did not place a monetary bet on it. The price of a gallon of gas has dropped about $1.20/gallon from the peak price where I live. If you still think prices are going up, bet some money on it! Maybe you’ll be right!

  • jesse garon

    the statistics speak for themselves. oil is back up to $60 a gallon. the northern california average was at an annual low on november 1st at 2.39 and whilst it dipped to 2.58 recently it’s heading back up again. national figures are relatively lower but follow the same pattern.

  • MJ

    Ever wonder why “green” and “hybrid” is getting all the attention in the media?
    The automakers have finally noticed that Toyota and Honda are taking away their customers. “Duh, which way did they go?”
    The answer is us… WE THE PEOPLE have finally had enough of paying through the nose for fuel. We have had enough of being lead around by the Arabs and their oil. We have had enough of pollution and WE have stopped looking to the Government to solve the problems for us. WE are ready to accept new technology and put it to use.
    Government has rarely lead the way or been proactive in anything. They are more of a “regulate-after-the-fact” entity and shouldn’t be confused with the true American frontier spirit of the entrepeneur.
    So, you can complain about the Democrats or Republicans who are at the mercy of the world market, or you can educate yourself and spend your dollars on the future. Look to see what new technology will wean us off of oil. Update and maintain your vehicles, ride your bike or walk whenever possible. Look at the alternatives and go for it. The way I see it, “hybrid” and “green” is the way to go.