Free Energy For 10,000 Miles With CODA

How would you like it if the next new car you got came with enough free fuel to let you travel your first 10,000 miles without your having to reach into your wallet?

Essentially, this is what CODA Automotive announced today it is offering California consumers by way of a $552 rebate with the purchase of a 2012 CODA in October. That amount, says the company, should pay your electricity bill for the energy used to travel this distance in its all-electric car.

“With gas prices this high in California, this is the perfect opportunity to spell out the extremely low operating costs electric vehicles have to consumers,” said Thomas Hausch, CODA senior vice president of sales, marketing and aftersales. “When comparing vehicles, the total cost of ownership (TCO) is critical to consider, along with the purchase price, as it provides a comprehensive view of the bottom line. Once consumers review these factors and in turn, discover the benefits of an EV – including significantly lower maintenance costs, avoiding high gas prices completely, low electricity prices, access to the carpool lane, various tax incentives and more – going electric in today’s climate makes a lot of sense. It makes you think: When has cutting edge technology been more affordable than the ‘old school’ version it replaces soon after its introduction?”

The offer contrasts the low fueling costs of EVs compared to high costs associated with internal combustion engine vehicles. The cost to drive a CODA 10,000 miles is estimated by CODA to be approximately $552 in electricity; the fuel cost to drive a gasoline- or diesel-powered vehicle is approximately $1,723 nationally, or more than $2,000 in California.

Additionally, EV drivers are not subjected to the fuel inflation that gas- or diesel-powered car drivers experience. Over the past 20 years, the average U.S. real retail gasoline price increased 106 percent when the average U.S. real residential electricity price declined 12 percent.

CODA’s 10,000 free miles promotion is a point-of-sale instant rebate of $552 and is available through CODA dealers through Oct. 31, 2012.

CODA has four dealerships in California: CODA Los Angeles; CODA of Silicon Valley; Fladeboe CODA in Irvine, Calif.; and Marvin K. Brown CODA San Diego.

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  • Max Reid

    Great, finally the reality is kicking in.

    Since plugins are giving tough competition, EV makers are finally reducing their prices and offering some extras.

    EVs are progressing in all fronts.

    When Ford C-Max plugin hits the market, it will offer even tougher competition to EVs.

  • Modern Marvel Fan

    CODA really got nothing to offer in the “crowded” EV market.

    1. It is NOT Tesla. It doesn’t have style or performance.
    2. It is NOT cheap. It is priced around Nissan Leaf’s range and has nothing significant better than the 2013 Leaf in both Leasing or Financing offers.
    3. It is NOT widely available. Lack of service and dealer network doesn’t help.
    4. It can’t compete against the PHEV/EREV in the similar price range.
    5. It just got no draws…

    I am still waiting for its crash test results…