Free 30-minute charge at Mitsubishi’s Canadian Headquarters

This week Mitsubishi Motor Sales of Canada (MMSCAN) installed the country’s first Level 3 quick-charging station at its Mississauga, Ontario headquarters, and is offering free use to the public.

The Eaton-manufactured direct current (DC) unit provides the i-MiEV an 80 per cent charge in less than 30 minutes, and to date, this is the only electric car in Canada to offer a DC quick charging port as standard equipment.

The DC quick charger is the most potent of three methods of providing electricity to i-MiEV’s 16 kwh, lithium-ion battery pack. Level 2 AC charging – available to home- or business owners, is a 240-volt system that offers a full charge from empty in seven hours. To date, over 76 Eaton Level 2 chargers have been installed at Mitsubishi i-MiEV-certified dealers in Canada. Many more have been installed in the homes of i-MiEV owners. Level 1 charging utilizes standard 120-volt receptacles and requires up to 22 hours to charge from empty.

Among early adopters of i-MiEV are Hydro-Québec, government of Quebec, Transport Canada, city of Calgary, British Columbia’s Saanich Police Department and Saskatchewan’s SaskPower. In addition to fleet deliveries, most i-MiEV sales have been to consumers who have taken delivery throughout the winter. To date, MMSCAN has named 30 certified i-MiEV dealerships and expects that number to grow during 2012.

MMSCAN’s headquarters are located at 2090 Matheson Boulevard East, Mississauga, Ontario.

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  • arizonataylor

    Well, free is always good, but it simply takes too long to recharge. Still, it’s the right direction.

  • MrEnergyCzar

    This just highlights the problem with pure EV’s. The plug-in’s are the bridge for the coming years for most people until charging stations are everywhere or very fast…


  • James Davis

    Free is really good, but you may never see that in the states. It would be a good idea if the automaker provided quick charge stations to the dealers so their customers could come to them for a charge until enough charge stations are installed around the country. Most all dealers service their vehicles, adding charging to that service would be an added bonus and would reel in a lot more customers.

  • Robert Weekley

    While many complain that 30 minute charges are still too slow, I tend to agree with them, if the chargers are placed in areas that are not otherwise useful to people.

    30 minutes is very decent if it as a Grocery Superstore, as you most likely will usually be longer than 20 minutes inside anyway, so by the time you leave the car plugged in, and return with your 2-6 bags of groceries, and unplug you will be at 25-30 minutes at least anyway – so that is a great fit!

    If the Chargers are installed at out of the way places, that’w when they are an intrusion to our busy lives. On the Highway Service Centers, while gassing up – if you don’t pay at the pump will take 5-10 minutes, and this takes 30 minutes – you don’t have to stand there and babysit it, so you can park, plug in, head for the restrooms, get a bite to eat, and the total time will still be just 20 – 30 minutes for an eat-in meal, not so different than with a Gas and Eats stop normally.

    Imagine – in the city – the coming Plug Free chargers with tuned energy transfer, embedded in cities near stop signs and traffic lights, and as you are over them you get a shot of juice, in your normal driving, reducing the number of times needed to plug in!

    I am sure that some enterprising designer and maybe even a few OEM’s will eventually even make cars that allow you to plug in two of these fast chargers at one time, making the charge time down to the fifteen minute mark. See Tesla Motors Super Chargers coming with the timing of the Model S – 9 units of a 10 kW Charger – in Parallel – for 90 kW charge supply!

    In any case – how long would it take one of these to recharge the 8-10 usable kWh of energy in a ‘discharged’ VOLT Battery? It looks like about just 15-20 minutes for that! Definitely enough time to wolf down a burger and a Coke, hit the Washroom, and be off!

    Schneider Electric even has designed their Level 3 unit with an easy upgrade path when moving from the current CHAdeMO plug to the New standard SAE Enhanced J1772 Combined Plug! (That covers both Level 2 and Level 3 Fast DC Charging, in one Plug System.)

  • greg45

    This is definitely so amazing to see that you are able to get a charge here. I see these being put up everywhere. I am so glad to see it. Keep up the good work.